Sunday, February 18, 2007

on Planning.

So there's this girl, Krissy, who was talking about me on her blog not too long ago, and she said, "She trains, for cryin' out loud!" and, well, I thought that maybe it was time that I did. Train, that is.

Every week I put my plans on the side bar, but I rarely say much about my training. Mostly because I don't do it.
Oh, I can plan. Baby, can I ever PLAN! I can make FABULOUS plans! Wonderful, training plans! I can plan out the wazoo!
Follow through, however, it something else entirely.

I usually run once or twice during the week (lately, I've been good about getting in at least 2 runs during the week) and I almost never miss my long runs on Sundays, but the rest of the stuff, BAH.

I'm too tired (you have to imagine me saying this in an insufferably whiny voice) The kids were too hard on me today, a parent yelled at me, it's too nice out, it's too cold out, whine, weedle, whine...

But, no more. Krissy has called me out, so now I have to train. I also have my secret nemesis in my sights. She reads this, and doesn't know who she is...but some day, I will beat her...and it will be completely unmarked and unheralded and unmentioned since we're not even in the same division...but I'll know. Oh, yesssssss, I'll know.

Anyhoo, so I've decided I really, really really need to get serious about the whole, you know, training thing, especially before, um, triathlon season begins. So I sat down and took an honest appraisal of what days I'm usually the most tired, and what days I usually have errands, and the days I have to pick up Mini-baboo from track and field practice, and here's what I've worked out for the rest of February and March:
  • Mondays - spin class, upper body work (gym).

  • Tuesdays - Lower body weights (home) I sponsor my club at work and get home late on Tuesdays.

  • Wednesdays - I have afternoon obligations, but then I can hit the gym and run 3-4 miles easy and do spin class. Mini-baboo has to find his way home by himself on Wednesdays (it's 2 miles - no big deal. Sadly, Sweet Baboo and Mini-baboo have to fend for themselves dinner-wise on Wednesdays.)

  • Thursdays - 4 miles race pace/speedwork (home, on the treadmill) and upper body weights. Occasionally to be interrupted by a scrapbooking club meeting.

  • Fridays - Lower body work (home)

  • Saturdays - for now, it's too cold to do long rides, so this will be my day to clean, work on my--shudder--paper, (working title: Using exercise in Individual Therapy) and REST. Watch chick movies, whatever, while Sweet Baboo does his weekly 800 mile ride, or whatever insanity he has planned for the day.
So there it is. Let's see if I stick with it.
On a positive note, according to the way cool route tracker that's in Beginner Triathlete, I ran 12.16 miles today with no walk breaks and maintained a pretty consistent pace - the furthest I've ever done such a thing. I need to bring it--my pace--down a bit, though. However, I think I'm on track to do my first half-marathon in April without walk breaks, which is one of my goals.

Today's run on the Bosque trail was marked by me trying to lose as much of my equipment as I could. I dropped my gloves, my fluid bottle, etc., and didn't realize it until I was quite some distance away. Ya gotta love other fitness nuts, though. I hollared out to one guy as he sped by on his bike, "hey, if you see another glove, it's mine!" On his way back, about 45 minutes later, he yelled back, "it's at mile marker 4.75!" and it was. Thanks, cycle guy, whoever you are! I'd hate to lose these gloves. They are my favorite running gloves. I never did find my missing fluid bottle, though.


  1. I just read Krissy's blog and you have inspired her! I think she is going to train and will be gunning for you! You'd better get serious :-)
    And yes, you are right, I spent my bike money on the transmission of my car, truly a newbie mistake!

  2. What temperature exactly is NOT "too cold to do long rides"??? Just so you can plan on exactly when to start them, you see....

    I've been riding down to 22*F wind chill this winter, so far.... past that it gets a little uncomfortable.

  3. You mean just PLANNING doesn't get us there? Dang... guess I'll have to stat training too :-(

    You asked if I'm in the east for good -- no. Just for now. We live everywhere :-) Last winter we were in AZ. This winter we're in VA. Spending the summer in NH. After that, who knows? But it's the last time we'll spend the winter in a place where our pipes freeze....

  4. you an Myles are 2 peas in a pod...

  5. Well ,planning is the first step you are now on to step 2

  6. What, no swim days?

    That's cool about the cyclist on the Bosque trail. We do look out for each other, don't we? :-)

  7. There's no swim planned for now because I'm "run focused". In April I'll start adding the swimming in. Running is my weakest area so I'm working on that. And Nance, I freely, unabashedly, and unashamedly admit I'm a cold weenie!

  8. Ah, the planning, the planning. I wish I were making this up: one of my "perks" working for NMSU is free classes. I _began_ a degree in -- wait for it -- PLANNING and never finished it!

  9. On track? ON TRACK?

    In my estimation, if you can go 12.16 miles without walking, then that last 0.94 miles is icing on the proverbial cake.

    You are SO going to make this goal. Soooo going to make it!

  10. I just found your blog and really enjoy it! Good luck with your training...Anyone who rides with their brakes on is my kind of person (I thought I was the ONLY one)

  11. well, a plan is a good thing. but I agree - it has to be followed up with the doing part.

    go you!

    too cold for riding. thanks - I was looking for the excuse I needed to explain my lack of non-spin-class-riding.

  12. I too love your blog! And yes I had to laugh just picturing you riding all that way with brakes on ! LOL Glad you are enjoying your new do too! Can't wait to see what else your up to!

  13. I'm so with you on the planning thing! I LOVE making THE PLAN. With accompanying LISTS and CALENDARS, carefully printed out in the most perfect handwriting... but it's all about the follow through. Too bad "planning" isn't a fourth triathlon discipline. We'd definitely be nemesises (nemeses? nemesi?) ;-)

  14. A DUEL! I love it! Nothing like someone breathing down your neck to kickstart your training.


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