Monday, February 05, 2007

Who is Donna Herp?

Tonight I'm straightening up my side of the room. Our bedroom usually looks like some weird 'before/after' illustration of a miracle cleaning instrument. With Sweet Baboo's side representing the "after," of course. My side of the room usually looks like my closet threw up.

This is just another of the many reasons why I'm so fortunate that Sweet Baboo puts up with me.

I usually know its time to clean up my space when, 1) I lose more than three items that I consider to be very important, and/or 2) the cats keep me awake all night making rustling noises as they walk around.

Anway, I found this piece of paper with the name Donna Herp on it and a phone number. I rarely write down phone numbers, but this one is clearly in my handwriting. I sure wish I knew who she was, and why I needed her number. Does she sell Avon? Do triathlon coaching? I just don't know. If you know her, or if you are her, please email me and let me know why I needed your number.

I'm hoping to find the as-yet unfound SportSpecs that I've been missing for nearly two weeks now. Sometimes I find lots of stuff that I've been missing, like forms and rebates that I should have sent in weeks ago; but then again, I often find stuff I forgot I had. It's like Christmas!

Somewhere in the pile of books I haven't read yet, magazines that I've spilled Crystal Light on, five or six different su-doku books, and clothing that made me look like crap on the particular morning that I tried it on, so I punished it by then draping it over an open drawer, I may find not only my missing sunglasses but my missing spare regular glasses, and perhaps even the mp3 player that Sweet Baboo gave me for christmas, which I haven't seen since my marathon 3 weeks ago. Ya gotta think positive.

I just wish I knew who Donna Herp was.



  1. Donna Herp - maybe she's a snake handler? Yeah, that's it. Herp is short for Herpetologist. You needed her to help you find all the snakes trapped in your bedroom. Sure, that's it.

  2. I am continually amused by your blog.

  3. There is a Donna Herp listed in Albuquerque, NM.

  4. did you call the number yet?? inquiring minds want to know!! i'd call it. from a payphone or something... :-)

  5. M - Mr. Bold from Boulder wants a *cough* invitation *cough* to come visit us. Should we invite his-self on behalf of the outlaws?

  6. Yes - he could do either the Rio Rancho duathlon, the Fiesta de Albuquerque half marathon, or the Jay Benson - whaddaya think? We could wow him with our abundance fitness.

  7. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Take a look at

  8. Ah - mystery solved. She's an art therapist in my area. I work at a counseling center, so that's probably where I got her number.


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