Monday, January 23, 2006

Dissapointed. Bored. Kvetching.

Am I the only one who has this experience? I'm beginnning to feel like work is really getting in the way of my training. I'd like to be able to spend 2 hours a day 6 days a week at the gym, getting fast, fast, fast. As it is, however, I have to finish do the comps and orals for my 2nd master's degree (holy crud, I'm sick of school). And of course, teaching 8th-grade science.
I went over to pick up my new matt black-framed Rx SportSpecs sunglasses. When I got there, however, I found that they had ordered the wrong frame. Another week for them to get the right ones. My eyes hurt. aLOT. The sun's very bright in New Mexico, and of course, being winter, it's right in my eyes unless I turn north.
I'm bored, bored, bored. No events until presidents day. Just a root canal. Sigh.
On a positive note, my swim felt great today. I did 1000 meters in about 29 minutes. That includes a couple of times that I stood up at the end of the pool, breathed heavily, and coughed. I think that's just about the best I've ever done.
I've 'discovered' a magazine that I'm gonzo over: HerSports. I love this mag! Lots of fun girly stuff in there, but also equipment info, nutrition, and training plans, too. This month, they have a half iron distance triathlon training plan that just seems to fit with my schedule, although I need to work up to it. I've got 8 months to my first 1/2 iron distance. I've got a little over 3 months to the Ransom Canyon Triathlon - it's an evil but fun little triathlon with an out-and-back bike course. What evil about it is that when you jump on the bike you nearly immediately climb right up out of a deep canyon. Then, 2 weeks later and practically right down the road, my first olympic distance triathlon: The Buffman and Squeaky.

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