Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nearsighted me.

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Weather: blustery.
Well, I was hoping to be able to get some Oaklies, but was told that my horridly nearsighted eyes don't have a prescription that works with the wrap. I'll get something sporty, and anything's better than my old budget sunglasses that are held together with jeweler's wire, are cracked and have to be pushed up my nose every third step when I run. I chose was Liberty Optical's RecSpecs. They are built for cycling and other outdoor sports such as hiking, and have nice curved earpieces that ">fit under my helmet. Nice and light, with polarized lense in my Rx, I ordered them, and am breathlessly awaiting the minimum 2 week turnaround time that Rio eyecare says it will take. They're pretty nice over there, too. Next week, I'm going over the sporting good store and get the special swimmer's goggles that Speedo makes for nearsighted folks like me.
Hey, how come I can get farsighted reading glasses in any old WalGreens for $15 but my nearsighted specs are $$$$? If anyone knows the answer to that, let me know.
I'm proud to say that I've finally worked up to swimming 1000 meters per session now, and have started including speedwork. My 400 meter time is down now to 11 minutes. I tried some hill work this weekend - oh, my, is anything worse for myself esteem then trying to run up about a 20% hill a mile above sea level? By the time I reached the top I was swearing and I hated all the people who were also out jogging and seemed to be sprinting past me with their swift running selves.
Oh, hell. I refuse to give up. As God is my witless (Angelica, from rugrats) I WILL have a sub 10 minute mile before my first Olympic distance triathlon, the Buffman and Squeaky.

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