Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Training Plan

I've been working on my training plan, and I think I'm going to use training plan #3 for Olympic Distance in the Triathlon Training book by Michael Finch. It requires more of me than I've been willing to give so far, like training six days a week and biking 3 times a week. of course, being the cold weenie that I am, I'm using the computerize stationary bike at the gym until the temps are in the 40's in the mornings. It has a very cool hill program that kicks ass. I'm all sweaty and gross afterwards, so that's a good sign.
Mondays: long swim. So here it is:
Tuesdays, a short run.
Wednesdays, swim and bike
Thursdays are a rest day
Fridays are swim and run day.
Saturday, long bike (or race)
Sundays, long run (or race).
It also requires running 3 times a week, up from my usual 1-1/2.
In other words, effort. Work. Blech.
I pride myself on moving slowly and with little effort, so this should be quite a change from my usual, lackadaisical effort. But I'm determined to enjoy myself at the Buffman and Squeaky, and working my butt off now is the only way to do it. Delayed gratification.
Who knew?
In other news, I've gained 6 pounds over winter so far. Ick. Guess I need to get moving...

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