Monday, January 30, 2006


So, yesterday I informed the group that the day (27 degrees) had failed my "I can see my breath" test. Then I headed indoors for the treadmill. What a relief. I was finally back to where I was before I embarked upon the worlds most slothful month of January ever. I've decided finally to use the training plan in the January issue of HerSports for a half iron distance. I received my new triathlon training diary in the mail finally - I'm looking forward to filling in all the little squares and lines.
Husband suggested something called the "Atomic Man" Triathlon up on Las Cruces. 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run, hilly, long. Ugh. Don't think I"m ready for that, yet.

I have what I like to refer to as my "threshold of laziness". Currently, my threshold of laziness is a half marathon or 25 mile bike race (for single events) and a regular sprint triathlon. The Atomic Man triathlon violates my threshold of laziness.

The rest of yesterday was spent decorating the house. We started to do this after we built it 2 years ago, but then we just got all caught up in finishing graduate degrees and trying to get rid of the accumulated flab that graduate school had so kindly deposited upon our persons...I dragged out the sewing machine and the books that reminded me again how to thread the thing...and later how to wind the bobbin, replace the bobbin, replace the bobbin's been a while since I sewed....I'm trying to make a slip cover. the goal is to make it as casually sloppy as possible, so I think I'll do spendidly. Husband painted another wall. We now have walls that are beige, sage, blue, and orange. All in the same room. Husband says he's going to call it, the "Middle Rio Grande White Boy" decor. I thought we could call it, "North Valley coffee house"

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