Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Food, food, food.

I swam 1000 meters again today. I'm very encouraged at how easier it's getting. I'm trying to work my way up to 1600 meters (1 mile) per session; it may take a while. But it's getting easier. I did the hill workout on the stationary bike. I've heard that doing hill work is also called "stealth speedwork". I hope that's right. I busted my butt. I'd have done it outside but once the weather gets sub 30 degrees I get whiny. In any case, these electronic "hill" workouts are the only time indoors at the gym that I have ever had sweat dripping off me. It's not pretty.

I've made a new discovery at the local Sunflower market - it's called Tasty Eats, soy jerky. I've started rewarding myself after a workout with these little treats, and I get some nice recovery protein, as well. Now, I'll be perfectly frank - while in Tuscon after the Tuscon 1/2 marathon, I discovered Primal Strips vegan jerky, which is fabulous - chewy and almost juicy. If I could find these again I'd eat them. In fact, in getting a picture for this post I found them online at Vegan Essentials. Maybe I'll start ordering them. I also recently tried Ultima drink mix. I, um, don't recommend it. I'm going to stick with Cytomax. And, of course, my lovely Clif Builder bars, with 20 mg protein.

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