Saturday, January 07, 2006

Training when sick. Cranky me.

I'm not sure how much training I'm supposed to be doing right now. I read something about "listening to your body" but I'm getting pretty impatient. I had about 90 free minutes today so I went 3 miles, but I wasn't able to run the whole way, because I felt breathless and my throat hurt. Then I swam 400 meters pretty fast, but afterwards I was tired and felt like I was bonking. So I'll take it easy another couple days.
I'm planning to do a half marathon in February, and then the Wind Triathlon in March. Hope I'm up to it. I was planning to do the Defined Du in Rio Rancho in April, but I conflicts with the New Mexico regional science fair. I have to accompany some students to that. Others on the list of planned races are: Fiesta (1/2 marathon), Tour de Acoma (25 miler) some triathlon down in Mexico (sprint), the J Bensen (reverse sprint), and the Buffman and Squeaky, which will be my first Olympic distance triathlon.
On a cranky note, I note that my favorite gym is called "Sports and Wellness", not "Family fun center". So why do I have to share a pool with screaming kids in the middle of winter? Yes, they are supposed to stay in their section, but they don't, and their parents don't do anything about it. They don't even pay attention. It would be so bad, but I work with other peoples' kids all week long, and I need some separation. Young kids don't belong in a gym where adults are trying to work out and train, they don't belong at Starbucks at 10 pm, and they don't belong at the latest loud scary PG13 movie. If you have kids, you make the decision to hire a sitter or be less self-indulgent for a few years. Deal with it. >:-(
Meanwhile, I was all cranky but then intruiged when I spotted a billboard for a new "Active Adult Community" outside Albuquerque with a fitness center, pool, and clubhouse. My youngest child will be graduating in 3 years, and then we will be child-free. I checked into it, however, and apparently I'm not really an "active adult" until I'm 55. Crud. I'm only 40 now, so I guess I'm a nonactive adult. Or an active nonadult.

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