Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Introducing: Flipper girl

Yahoo! AvatarsI finally got off my duff and started the HerSports 70.3 training program tonight, for my September Red Man Half Iron. I actually only got to 1200m (instead of 1500) because I started chatting with another potential Athena in the pool. Perhaps we'll form a whole cadre of Athenas, out racing around, running, swimming, cycling...blowing every stereotype of large-sized women all the hell. The only problem was this one woman who just jumped into our lane (where there were already two of us splitting a lane, instead of another lane where there was only one person) and the swam right at me on my side. Am I crazy for thinking that a courteous, "hey, mind if I share your lane?" might have been in order? shouldn't you try to fit in with the people that are already swimming in that lane?
And, introducing: Flipper Girl. There have been few sitings of Angry Man lately, mostly since I haven't had any events...This lady gets in the pool, goggles, swim cap, and flippers, and then kicks like hell. You can even hear her underwater the whole run of the pool, and she splashes and kicks so hard that when you pass her, you have to be careful not to try to breath on the side where she's at. She leaves a serious wake. I've never seen her not do this. I don't mind it; I figure it helps get me ready for the "thrashfest" of lake swimming.
Left --> My Yahoo avatar. with I could make her a little more zaftig. :-)

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