Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Real Pictures (More to come)

Feb, 2006:
NEW UNIFORMS! Introducing: The incredibles Me, Son, and Husband.

Lost Dutchman Half Marathon, Apache Junction, AZ

Jan. 2006: Cool new RecSpecs

Tuscon (AZ) Marathon 2005 (I'm on the right)

Husband at Ghosttown 38.5 mile ultra marathon. On the left, right before it started, middle, about the 20 mile mark. On the right, after he was done. (Be honest: would you look that good after running38.5 miles??)

Stealth Triathlon 2005. Holloman AFB, Alamagordo, NM

My first triathlon: The Cotton Country Sprint, 2005. Leveland, TX. (Husband is on the left, below) We both placed 1st in our divisions.

A tiny picture of me crossing the finish at my first 5K at the Duke City Marathon

My alter ego.

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