Saturday, February 25, 2006

Vanity, thy name is me.

Ellie posted a link to her pictures, and since we were in the same race, I had to run (virtually) and check mine. As I've mentioned before, I didn't get a medal because they ran out, so I was looking forward to at least seeing some pictures. First, I put in Husband's name to see his - his turned out wonderfully, as did Ellie's, who looks all fresh and happy. Then I put in my name:

Unfortunately, we have no photos indexed for this participant number.
Many photos have obscured team numbers.
These photos can be located by browsing through the lost and found section for the event.

Well, of course there aren't. I'll just sift through the 1700 or so slightly-larger-than-postage-stamp-sized photos to find something that looks like me...should be easy enough, just try to find a woman lumbering along with a running hat, dark glasses, and her hair pulled back - nobody else with that description in a marathon, is there?
Of course, I blame myself. You see, I don't like being cold. (I blame my southern upbringing.) So, in the absense of warming fires and cocoa, which we did not get, being the lazy half-marathoners that we are...I was wearing a running bra top, short-sleeved cool max shirt, long-sleeve cool-max shirt, and light-weight jacket. Problem is, once I start running, I heat up real fast. (I blame fried food.) So, I start peeling off layers until I'm running with layers of clothing tied around my waist, like some kind of confused belly-dancer who couldn't quite get all the scarves off.
The result is that my race number, hanging from my handy race belt, is completely obscured by the sleeves tied around my waist.
I finally found myself, eventually. Unlike Ellie, I don't look fresh and happy. I look heavy and pained, except when I'm walking. Then, I'm smiling.
There has got to be a way to do this more glamorously. Either that, or I'll have to make another painful decision between vanity and running. I cut 8" off my hair last summer, a necessary sacrifice to the chlorine god who rules my world. I practically had to get therapy just to do that. Next, came the artificial nails. God, I loved those nails. But pool water got under a couple of them and my nail turned green--I'll just spare you the details. It wasn't pretty. Anyway, here's the pictures.
I edited this to add another one from earlier in the race, so that you can get the full strip-tease effect.


  1. You go girl! That looks like VICTORY to me!

    Glamour or being a runner - take your pick!!!

  2. Strip tease? What kind of blog is this? Nice thoughts from Nancy. I don't think glamour and running go together. If we were looking for glamour, we sure as hell wouldn't run and/or tri. Nancy has a certain wisdom about her.

  3. Yay! I love that last picture. It looks like you conquered the race. Good stuff!


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