Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News Break

I was reading about how frustrated one blogger was about all the bad news. I admit that from time to time I get a little addicted to the latest news. Here's today's headlines:
  • India explosion kills at least 20 Police blame Maoist militants.
  • Baghbad blasts leave 15 dead Dozens injured in 4 bombings.
  • Winter Olympics flame out in TV ratings Worst since 1988.
  • 'Times' sues for NSA records Cites Freedom of Information.
  • Two British soldiers killed in Iraq bomb blast
Okay, time for a news break. It's time for me to turn off the email news alerts, radio, cable TV, and newspapers for a while. I did this some time back and sailed on, blissfully unaware of all the messed-up happenings in the world, all the misery, and lived like the 8th-graders I teach. All I worried about was the day-to-day stuff, my hair, getting my training done. Bliss. Of course, the civics teachers at my school was nonplussed as to how I could possibly isolate myself in such a manner. But I'm not isolating myself from people, ideas, or society. Just its ills. for a while.

Right now, my gray tabby (Hissy Fit) is chasing a straw around on the floor. It's not trying to get away, so she creates a little drama by tossing it up on the air and then chasing it. She's completely in the moment. Think I"ll join her. Not literally, of course. I'm taking a news break. I'm going to concentrate on my hair, training, work, and good food, the fabulous weather in northcentral New Mexico, my fabulous Husband.

Meanwhile, here's some links to explore: PositiveNews and UpBeat.


  1. Yeah! I hear you...be selfish! (And I think it's ok to hide our heads in the sand every once in awhile...we are in the trenches much too much!)
    Have a great week and thanks for reading my blog! :-)

  2. Oh yes, I've been there. I have a certain tolerance level for bad news and even though I love NPR, sometimes it just has to go away. Enjoy the mental break. :)

  3. Those are always good things to focus on. I sawy a study that talked about the negativity of the national news. The local news can have more upbeat stories. I try to stick with the newspaper. I can pick and choose what I want to read about.


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