Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ahhhhh SPRING!

Is there anything more glorious?
Spring is so fabulous in the high desert! The sun is warm, and there's still just enough cool sharpness in the air to energize you. There were two goldfinches at our thistle feeder yesterday, a mated pair. Wen I get to work, the sun is actually up. For a teacher, such as myself, it is hope.

Of course, spring in New Mexico can be somewhat cruel. The trees have their fat happy buds on them, and then sometime in late March a petal will pop out here and there, and then, WHAM! A late frost, and I get one shriveled peach sometime in July.

The sky is blue and I can finally RUN outside. I actually got in some hill work on the cycle last weekend. (Now if only my knee would stop hurting). Pretty soon the outside pool at the gym will open, and Husband swears that in the cool desert morning, a swims in an outdoor heated pool is great. I'm looking forward to it.

Spring break is nigh. Students are antsy, and getting things pierced. I don't care! because it's SPRING! You know what happens after that? SUMMER! Only a teacher can embrace the childlike wonder that is summer and summer break. In fact, I challenge you to come up with adults more excited about summer than teachers.

Speaking of Husband, (my favorite Clydesdale) he has a new blog. Check it out. He's new at this, so leave him some feedback!

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  1. Enjoy! It's still bitter cold here and I'm dreaming of spring.


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