Monday, March 13, 2006

Naughty swimming.

Very excited to find this machine at my gym that exercises the hip flexors. These were my weakness during the half marathon that I ran in Arizona. Were it not for them I could have gone longer and stronger. These, and my hamstrings. I'll be working on these as part of the weight-training that I'm including in my half-iron distance training regimen.
Was naughty tonight but oh, that water felt soooooo good. Just being back in for the swim was almost better than s-e-x. I know I wasn't really supposed to swim for a while because of my shoulder, but I did a very, very slow (3.5 minutes per 100 meters) crawl mostly moving by kicking my legs harder than usual to ease up the burden on my poor achy shoulder... I stopped after 400 meters; didn't want to push it. But oh, how I wanted to swim!

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