Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Health food, New Mexican style.

Today is an "off day" for training, so I'll share a bit of wisdom.
You know, there's a lot of things I'm willing to give up in the quest for health and fitness, but the few that I am not are java, avocados, chilis, and margaritas. This is probably why I'll be an Athena forever. But I'll be a jolly one.
I'm convinced that chilis cure the common cold, and that avocados are good for depression, although I am neither a researcher nor am I involved in the physical health sciences, nor have I been trained in diet or nutrition or clinical psychiatry. I just know that it's been my personal experience that chips and guac is ever so useful in de-stressing after a week of teaching 8th-graders. Margaritas, I believe, cure everything else, when taken in moderation, owing to their lime (vitamin C) and salt (electrolytes).
That's why I, the slothful triathlete, am so lucky to be living here in New Mexico. Here in my rose-colored glasses, I search the Internet for proof that my somewhat lax style of training and veganism will reward me with perfect health, popularity, and a fabulous smile. And, I'm extra happy to get some validation for my fixations and addictions.
So it was happy news that, according to the folks at, my daily trip to a local coffee place is good for me. Every day I put in my order for a soy coconut mocha, medium-sized, at 110 degrees. The 110 degrees is so I can slam it, but I never do. I just hate having to wait for boiling hot anything to cool down before I can enjoy it. The Oracle of Starbucks says I'm a hippie. Whatever.
Now, of course none of my claims have been validated by the Food and Drug administration, the American Psychological Association, the National Education Association, or any association of merit whatsoever. They are purely my fanatasies, such as they are, and represent my overly optimistic view of how the world would be, if it was exactly the way I wanted it.

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