Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prairie Dogs and Curly Fries

Today's post is something I'll probably look back on in about a year or so, and say, "awww, I was so cute back then!" but here goes. I rode 44 miles yesterday! I've never ridden that far before. I owe it all to Husband, who keeps just ahead of me, and the fact that I'm too stubborn to admit that I'm tired. Lots of climbing, going up the bike path from the valley up through the center of Albuquerque toward Tramway I think at one point I was in my granny gear, doing 6 mph. Erg. It was quite a chore for me, being as I'm slow and lazy, and I could definitely feel the burn. My calves got all crampy. I also discovered that, as it gets empty, my aerobottle likes to bounce and out of my aero bars.I was on the good ole' Trek 1000, and I"m looking forward to see the difference once I get Rosie out of the shop.
Halfway through we stopped at Hurricanes and where felt fully justified in my large order of curley fries and green chili to dip them in. I'm so jealous of people in Albuquerque having all those fantastic bike paths.
Once we got to Tramway, Husband said, "listen - hear that?" I listened carefully, and I could hear some soft, high pitched honking noises. AFter a bit I realized we were riding through a prairie dog town that existed on either side of the bike path, furry little guys desperatley waddling and diving for their holes. I also saw Canada geese waddling around in the Rio Grande, getting ready for the trip back north.

Today, I went for a long run, but I was pretty tired and a little dehydrated, I think, from yesterday, so I cut it short, to 10K. Then it was into the club for a shower and long stretching session. Ahhhhhhh.

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  1. Congrats on your 44 miles! That certainly is something to be proud of...and deserving of some curly fries!
    Hope Bolder in Boulder reads your blog...he is very into the Prarie Dog thing! :-)


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