Monday, March 06, 2006

Triathlete paranoia and the Blues.

Today I write in blue, drama queen that I am.
I can't ride. I can't swim (I was supposed to do 1.5 miles today) and I can't run. I think I have done something horrid to my shoulder rotator thingy. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Doc, but meanwhile, I'm depressed. Even Vicadine doesn't make me feel better.

What I'm worried about is the time I may have to take off from training for the Buffman and Squeaky Olympic Triathlon I'm doing in April, and any sprints I may miss in the meantime. What I'm depressed about is the time I can't spend on my new ride because it's in the shop. I have a duathlon this Sunday. Will I be able to do it? What's the doctor going to day? Last year it was just my wrist, and I had to stay off the bike for a month. This hurts way more, and I can't lift my arm.
I need a hug.

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  1. The rotator cuff is my personal demon. Or should that be are my demons? Whatever. The point is even a small injury can cause a lot of pain.

    It may be bad but it might not. Riding doesn't not irritate my rotator cuff muscles. Be realistic with your doctor about your goals for the duathlon. Saying you just want to finish is much different than trying to win the Athena division.


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