Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gear - Review: TREK EQUINOX 7 WSD

Just yesterday I slobbered all over my keyboard about my brand new bike and today, after my master's comprehensive exams I finally got to take it out for its innuagural ride. The comps went well, despite what I considered to be many irrelevant questions. ("The accrediting body for counselor education in the United States is--?") This is my 2nd master's degree, so somewhat less stress than last time.

Down in the aerobars, my upper body was relaxed while my legs were pumping away. I didn't notice any road vibrations, and that may be largely due to the carbon fork, because I usually feel some on this trip. I took it out basically to work and back, a short ride (8 miles), but formidable in that it has a large dip in the middle where the route goes across an arroyo (arroyos are places in the southwest where rain water, should it every occur, is allowed to make its way across the desert toward the Rio Grande) and then straight up hill again (maybe, 500 feet elevation? I don't know). The hills felt easier, as though more of my work was actually going into moving the bike instead of straining knee tendons and heating up my core.

Flying down Loma Colorado, I hunkered down into a nice tuck, no small feat for a women of my size, and made the trip faster than I have before, by about 10 minutes. One quick fix needed: The cyclometer needs adjusting. Much as I'd like to think I pedaled my self at 50 miles per hour up and down New Mexico hills, I just don't thing so.

Still no solid ideas on what to name it yet. Any ideas?

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