Tuesday, March 07, 2006

weirdly wonderously worrying me.

Why does Blogger suck so much tonight? It took me 45 minutes to make this very short post over DSL.

The people Doc says do some light exercises, take some anti-inflammatories and ordered an X-ray, just in case. I can pretty much do what I feel ready to do, albeit lightly, and he'd rather I didn't do the duathlon this Sunday; he's worried about me having an accident. I shouldn't do any swimming for a couple weeks, which I can actually afford because I have spring break at the end of March, then a triathlon April 15th.

The cycle doc says there's no damage done to Rosie, and I can pick her up on Friday.

Doc Husband, a psychologist, suggests reading the Te of Piglet because I'm prone to such fretfulness. Maybe my team nickname should be Piglet, instead of Double-barreled.

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