Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So, doc, can I race on the 2nd?

No, I didn't bike into work today. It violated my "it's too damned cold out" rule. (around 30 degrees) And, I realized that I had a doctor's appointment immediately after work which required immediate exit from the area so that I could get into Albuquerque. I did, however, do a 3-miler run after work.
Okay, now this is a bit personal, so all you Y-chromosomed individuals might want to cover your ears.
I'm having a brief procedure done next week. I won't go into detail. It's a lady thing to deal with the fact that some things associated with being female happen too often and with too much vigor.
So today I had a pre-op meeting with the surgeon, so that she could tell me all the horrible things that could go wrong (gotta love informed consent). The procedure is March 30th, at 7:30 am. My first triathlon of 2006 - is April 2nd. So, Doc, can I race? :-S
The swim seems to be the issue. She has no doubt that I may feel up to it, it's just a matter of whether it would be safe for me. She asked me a bunch of questions, seeming encouraged by the fact that it's a chlorinated pool (somewhat sterile, compared to a lake, I guess) and that I'd only be spending less than 15 minutes in the swim. So, Doc, can I race?
So, finally, she gave me enough information so that I will know what signs to look for to be able to determine on my own if I can do this triathlon by Saturday evening. I've purchased a container of miso - the last time I had surgery I drank miso soup all day before hand and it worked wonders. I purchased some Lara whole food bars and Cytomax ready-to-drink for recovery.

So here's the plan:
Up until March 30th, I'm going to train like hell. Thursday is the procedure, after which I will rest and read and enjoy some spring air. Maybe take some walks. Start on a 30-page paper that's due soon. Who knows. Eat miso soup, drink Cytomax and eat whole foods.
But worst case scenerio after all this is that on April 2nd, I'll get to cheer Husband on, and no longer have to count on missing about 1/3 of my events due to untimely events, and the rest of my season, in which I'll be doing sprints nearly every weekend, will be annoyance free. :-)


  1. Ooh less fat today! :)

    Be careful with the Tri... not worth risking health issues.

  2. Christine's right. I hope it goes well. I'll be thinking about you.

  3. I'll be interested whether the procedure works--at 50 I'm trying to tough such a problem out. Mine involves fibroids, so they would want to cauterize, which sounds pretty drastic to me.


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