Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Half marathon recovery

I've been looking up stuff on the Internet and have found tons of post MARATHON recovery info. I wonder if they hold true for half marathons? Is there a recovery period after a half marathon? I'm wondering also, because my swim on Tuesday (2 days post) was the slowest I've ever swum in my life, except when I was three years old, doggy paddling in Hoover, Alabama.
Most of all, I'm interested in this
sudden rapid weight gain (about 4-5 pounds) that I got afterwards. What's that all about?
On a related subject, we're thinking about getting a Tanita Innerscan Scale. I'm not sure why we need this new toy other than, well, we haven't bought any new toys for a while. It's supposed to provide, basically, everything about your body that you would want to know (weight, BFI%, bone mass, hydration, etc.). I'm naive enough to think, if they claim that it can, then it will. As near as I can figure, the difference between it and the Tanita Ironman Innerscan Scale is perhaps $20 or so more and the Ironman Logo on it.


  1. Weight GAIN? What the heck? Hope that doesn't happen to me after the half-mary this weekend. Unless its just all muscle...:)

  2. The post-event weight gain is just from muscle inflammation holding onto fluids. Pretty normal.

  3. I have a Tanita. It's cool, but the body fat percentage can change dramatically from one day to another depending on how well hydrated you are. One day I'm down 5%, the next I'm up. They're still good, just a warning.


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