Tuesday, February 21, 2006

...still, it could have been worse.

Deer Joins Marathon


  1. How bizarre! Did you see the dog on the Dutchman course, around mile 3, 10 on the way back... right around there... if it wasn't a wolf-hybrid I'll eat my hat. It was participating in the race, running happily alongside runners, pacing them?

  2. No - I didn't see it. I'm verrry, slow, though. It may have gotten bored and wondered off by the time I shuffled along. :-)

  3. I saw the deer near the start of the course. It was trapped between the Freescale building on a little slope and the road where we were all running. I don't know it this was before or after it struck the dentist. Odd that it hadn't left the area sooner, given all the activity. Weird.


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