Saturday, November 18, 2006

Be true to who (and what) you are.

If you've gotten a comment on your blog lately from "Geek Girl," by the way, that's me. I've changed my blogger name. I never did like "Double Barreled," (sorry Michael) and decided to go back to my college nickname.

I got this nickname because after my divorce I was living in a town of 200 people in rurual South Dakota. At that time, my friends and I would say, over pizza and beer, "I wish I could go back to school," but I was the one that actually did it.

As well, I announced to my friends (after my divorce) that I would only date men who were at least as educated as I was. They kept trying to set me up with friends of theirs who were, I can only delicately say, quite rural, and somewhat uninformed.

I learned from more than one failed relationship that one gets tired of hearing, during every argument, "Okay for you, Miss Smarty-smart. Miss college girl. You think you're so smart, don't you, Miss college girl?"

In any case, whenever my friends and I were out drinking, a serious, studious looking man would walk by, and my friends would say, "Hey, Geek Girl, there goes your Geek Guy!" and the name stuck.

Nicknames are funny things.

It didn't help that I partially paid my way through by teaching people how to use computers and setting up their new computers for them. Now I teach math, science, and statistics.

I don't teach computers, because I can't stand all the whining. Not from the kids, from the adults. (I've been coding in raw HTML since around 1995, and while it's true that I occasionally peruse lists of osbscue utilities to use on my computer AND I frequently work in COMMAND mode (formerly known as DOS) that fact is that when I hear someone, anyone, start to mutter or complain bitterly about the computer they are using at that moment, I start looking around for a window through which to escape.)

But I digress.

I'm nearsighted, but I can't wear contacts; so I wear heavy-framed glasses. I take them off when I do my evening Sudoku puzzles, and I have a bad habit of muttering things while listening to research findings such as, "well, that may be true, but I would like to see the data," or, "how did they operationalize their variables?"

I may celebrate the whole thing by putting a plastic pocket protector in the gel pocket of my new skinsuit.

I'm proud to be me.



  1. Dear Misty,

    I'm sitting in an underground bunker with temperature data from aircraft engine ground testing scrolling by as we determine whether or not we will fry some key components on the outside of the engine because we no longer have a good reason to insulate a combustion case...

    From your last post I think you would quite enjoy this experience! As for me, well it pays the bills.

    with a rebel yell,


  2. Dear Mrs. Geeky person -

    well, I *guess* I can deal with change.

    With Love,

    Kindred Spirit person

  3. As a fellow Geek married to a Geek of the Highest Order, I LOVE your new name : )

    (And you might want to get yourself one of these:

    You might also want to check out the plethora of geekwear at - the husband (known in some blogospheres as SalaciousGeek) has a ridiculous number of them in his wardrobe. We're proud of our extreme geekiness : D

  4. top it off by making salsa with your goggles on. that's truly geeky.

  5. Anonymous7:30 PM

    From someone who is TWICE the geek you will ever's good to have you back as "geekgrl". Didn't you have those plates in SD too?


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