Saturday, November 11, 2006

Witty Kitty loves my knees.

Have I ever told you about Witty Kitty?

Witty Kitty really loves muscle rub.

I mean, (and let me be crystal clear in what I mean)


whenever I put any sort of muscle rub - it doesn't matter what kind - on my knees, as I did today after doing strides for 2 miles - she goes crazy for my knees.

She rubs her face on them, she licks them, and if I get up and walk around the house, she trots along behind me until I settle down some place, and then she goes back to making out with my knees.

If I put on extra-strength Ben-Gay, she really goes ape. Don't know why.

Just thought I'd share. I was a good girl; I did 22 miles of running this week, and I have the cat hair all over my knees to prove it.



  1. my cats go berserk for my husband's used running clothes. The sweatier the better. They rub themselves silly on his wet, soggy shorts.


  2. Crazy cats... mine is like Rackham's - loves my sweat. Animals are so... carnal.

  3. thanks for your last post - I have been able to get over the loathing arising from the inexplicable extra 2kg (WTF??) much more quickly than usual.

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    That's funny. I have this peppermint foot cream that Bossa Nova loves to lick off my toes--which tickles!

  5. Wow! Maybe that'll work with my husband...



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