Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday LR

Today's Objective: unsupported long run of 16.8 miles (the route that Sweet Baboo has mapped out for me), which is longer than I've ever run in my whole sad, couch-potato life. In particular, I have to take everything along with me, since there's no source of anything along the route. Not even bathrooms.

The weather: 38 degrees in the valley, warming to 55 during the run.

The strategy: Bring my own stuff, and alternate 10 minutes running with 5 minutes walking. During each walk, take one shot of gel from a flask and 3 mouthfuls of hydration.

The stuff:
Success. I got a little tired toward the end, as this run was a tiny bit longer than I'd anticipated, but I never got thirsty, and I never bonked, and my weight stayed the same. My feet don't hurt, but my left hammy aches a tiny bit. I did it in 3:50. Afterward, I was famished! I had a large iced tea lemonaid, large protein smoothie, bowl of potatoes, and some vegan sausages.

Next week: 18 or 19 miles. I may be trying homemade energy gel from Ellie's recipe. There's also this recipe, this recipe, or this recipe. I'll keep you posted.



  1. Oh man! I could never get through that without going to the bathroom... or shouldn't I ask? :)

    Nice job on the long run!

  2. I didn't say I didn't go, I said there were no bathrooms. ;-)

  3. Good job on the run!

    LOL at the comments about no bathrooms. Yesterday I stopped once back at home in the middle of my 2.5 hr bike ride announcing that I had to pee and it was too cold to use a bush. My kids gasped in horror...Mom, do you really do that?!?!?!?

  4. Dood - I saw the Sweet Baboo on the trail, but didn't see you! Just so you don't feel dissed, I would have totally said Hi if I had seen you! Were you in disguise?

    Good job on the run by the way - you did really good work!

  5. Nice job on the run. That's awesome.

  6. p.s. - we're totally doing the Turkey Trek. I'm bringing My People, they're doing their first race!!!

  7. Killer run!

    But I'm worried about you... is it time for a toe-sock intervention? I think you might be addicted. :-P


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