Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Long Runs

If you waved and attempted to be friendly on the Bosque trail this morning, I wasn't being a super introvert.

I was really very focused on finding a tree or bush or ANYTHING, and I had finally found a place that was private, and was on my way there.

This was a good run! it was good in the sense that I kept my mile pace at just above a 14 minute mile, although I wish it were faster. As well, I didn't run out of fluid or gel, and was just about worn out when I was done. So, I felt I did my best. I was a little bummed, because I thought the run was 19 miles, but it was only just over 18. (There's something I never would have said two years ago: "It was only 18 miles". Heh.

18.1 miles --> 4:20:07

My goal--and I think it's safe for me to forumulate one now, at this point--is to finish the AZ Rock-n-Rool marathon in under 6 hours, but I don't know how practical that is. My ultimate goal would be to finish it before they run out of medals. And, of course, avoid hypothermia and the medical tent. Yeah. That would be cool.

I carried about 60 ounces of Nuun with me today, and some gel. I think I may switch to Clif Bloks because I can carry them in my cheek and get this continuous slow release of energy without having to fuss with a gel flask or get my gloves all sticky.

After I got back and had my weekly reward (soy gingerbread spice latte at starbucks). On a non-related note, I'm horrified to share with you some nutritional information about Starbucks scones.

You see, each Saturday I would eat one of these delectable delights while sipping coffee with the rest of our workout group, pretty sure it was vegan (Well, all my scone recipes are vegan, but then again, duh, all my cookbooks are, too) but I was at least certain that it was a fairly reasonable post-workout snack.

So here I am, feeling virtuous that I'm eating a relatively healthy treat, until Sweet Baboo gives me the news: The average Starbuck scone ranges from 440 to 500 calories, with 40-50 grams of cholesterol.

To put this in perspective: Not only is a Starbucks scone as high in calories as a QuarterPounder with cheese, but it has as much cholesterol as a sausage McMuffin. Which means, of course, that it has milk and/or eggs in it.


So, anyway...upon arriving home, Sweet Baboo had me sit in an a tub of icy cold water - supposed to be really good for your legs and recovery - but all I could do was kneel in that water.

No matter how much time went by, I could not bring myself to lower my big butt into that icy cold water.

My legs feel better, though.

In any case, I now officially get the spend the rest flat on my back with the flannel sheets, watching "Robots" and eating greasy popcorn. So there.

Next week's LSR: the big 2-0.



  1. uh, yeah - that was me waving at you. Hi Misty! Sorry - I knew you were off doing something important and didn't want to disturb you...d'oh!

  2. There were about three people talking to me that day. Were you one of the pair that ran by? Another runner I didn't recognize, but she was very nice and asked me if I was "doing 20 today." Sure wish I knew who that was.

  3. I owe at least, well, too many of the X pounds left to lose to starbucks scones. They are evil personified. Especially the cinnamon ones.

    But I still have one, about once a year, and enjoy every fracking bite :-)

    Congrats on the long run!

  4. yes - that was me and my friend running by. I understand Miguel had been chasing us for some time because I was wearing a pink jacket.

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

    SOunds like a good run. It's amazing how we can get caught up in the number of miles. Good luck on the 20.

  6. RNR AZ is a great race! I did it last year. Hypothermia isn't a big worry :-) Keep your fluids and electrolytes up. Can't wait to hear how your 20-miler goes!


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