Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baboo's Splits so far

UPDATED 10:47 pm MST

I just talked to Sweet Baboo and he is DONE at just a bit over 15 hours. Considering the conditions of the race, that's a great time. This is what hes said so far about the race...

"--The swim was difficult, you swam a long stretch into the sun with the wind coming at you and large waves slapping you in the face when you sighted."

"--There was wind on the bike."

"The marathon was ugly hard. There was some rain and it was long and hilly. My stomach was a little upset, but it wasn't bad. I finished the marathon in under 6 hours."

He sounds good and happy and not even tired. He's not headed for the medical tent, either.
I'm sure he'll post more on his blog. Stay tuned...

Update: 6:15 MST
Baboo's bike time stays at 4:35. His 1st run split is posted at 9:10, but I have to assume that this is 9:10:50 after the start time. It means, at least, that he's on the run. On the run!


Update: 4:44 pm MST
Baboo now has a bike time listed instead of a bike split: 4:35:06 I'm not sure what this refers to; if it's the whole bike, then he's pulled off a 24/25 mph, although he's done it before.

Cody's bike split is listed as 5:56:13, so since that's listed, I'm assuming that Baboo is on the run.

Baboo started at 7:30 MST, and was finished with the swim around 9. If 4:35 was his bike time (HOLY COW!) then he was done with that between noon and 12:30; does that sound right??


At 2:00 MST:
According to, here's Baboo's splits so far:
SWIM - 1:35:32, TRANS1 - 1:38:45, BSPLIT - 3:00:49

Okay, thanks to Chubby for the link!

I think it means that he did the 2.4 lake swim in 1:35:32 (great swim!) and left transition at 1:38:45 (3 minute transition in an Ironman? Wow!)

and his first bike split (I assume this is half of it) was right at 3 hours. That's an average of around 18 to 19 miles per hour. That's doing pretty well, considering all the hills and such.

FYI: Cody the Clydesdale's splits:
Swim - 1:54:17, T1 1:58:48, Bike split 1 - 3:50:26



  1. Excellent! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop!

  2. Cool! Another live tracking page to obsess over all day!
    Go SB go!

  3. That timing page looks a bit dodgy to me - it has people finishing in 4 hrs and 6 hrs - surely that can't be right? But I'll keep checking
    Go SB go!

  4. Thanks for the update - thinking speedy thoughts for SB!

  5. Now it's showing 9.35 for the run split - if that's halfway, he's doing well (isn't he?)
    Go SB go!

  6. What a machine! Tell him congratulations from me when he finishes. SOMA seems like yesterday and was, in fact, a short 2 weeks ago!!! Amazing.

  7. I'm sorry to report that Cody had a DNF :-(

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Cody, hope he's "Ok". Brian is going strong by all appearances, and this is suposed to be a very hard course. I think that the timing data is slid one slot to the right. The course record was set last year by former Olympic TT champ Tyler Hamilton who did it as part of a team. His time was 4:42 I believe. If you look at Pro Petr Vabrousek's time, who looks to be the winner, if you slide his data one slot to the left, it does kind of make sense. Go Brian!

  9. I just flew in (Fort Worth, Texas), and sat down immediately to find out how the race was going. Great job, Brian.
    Cody, I am so sorry about the DNF and like T said, I hope you are OK, not ill or hurt. Thanks to Duane for the update. We are all thinking about you.
    How about Muffin? Does anyone know how he did?

  10. Yikes-- I just caught up on your prior posts--that bike course looks MEAN. The toughest Ironman out there? Goodness--I can't even imagine doing something like that. Kudos to all for just toeing the line.

  11. Hope you're not going too insane wondering what's going on, GGtI! Sending more best energy to SB.


  13. Don't congratulate me...congratulate him! :-)

  14. A fine day for SB!

  15. Ok, I'll go congratulate HIM.... but I just noticed your Mdot tat, and had to comment on how damn cool it is! Sorry - I don't keep up much. bad blogger, I am, bad.

  16. YYEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks for the updates. That website for the splits was confusing.


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