Saturday, November 24, 2007

What I Learned This Season

Thus my second full season as a triathlete draws to a close. During this year, I did fewer races, but more long course stuff. I finished the following:
  • Sprint triathlons - 9
  • Duathons - 3
  • Olympics - 3
  • Half Irons -2
  • Full Iron - 1
  • 10K run - 1
  • Marathon - 1

And here's what I learned during 2007, either indirectly or directly from my racing season, in no particular order:

  1. DFL > DNF >> DNS.
  2. Very few people are all good, but even fewer are all bad.
  3. You don't get the family that you wish you had. You get the family that you get. (How I learned this is a long story about how I chose Kentucky for my first Ironman based on its proximity to the few relatives I still have, and their complete lack of interest in it. Wah, wah. A moment of self-pity. There. Now it's over.)
  4. I can be injured. I can overdo it.
  5. I will never be willowy, and that's okay. Willowy women tend not to do endurance events well. They're too, well, willowy.
  6. It's easy to be Vegan, but it's really hard to be a Vegan endurance athlete. It's nearly impossible to be a family of Vegan endurance athletes.
  7. I have great friends, which more than makes up for #3, above. I also have the world's best mother-in-law.
  8. If I train, triathlons get easier. Who knew?
  9. I have a laziness threshhold, and it lies somewhere between "long and flat" and "Short and challenging"

  10. Pirate is a good friend. We take turns supporting each other's worries, self-doubt, and paranoia when we're PMS-ing. Hopefully, we'll never PMS at the same time, because I think the universe would fold in on itself.

  11. Everyone who toes the start line wonders how well they'll do.
  12. I must have running shoes with a big, wide, toe box.
  13. I. Am. NOT. LAZY.
  14. If I work out at least 4 days a week after work then I enjoy life more, like myself more, like my job more, and am much less anxious.
  15. Race nutrition, and what is or is not tolerated, is extremely individual. It also changes over time.
  16. No matter how well built a GPS device is, it will not withstand going under the wheel of a Honda Fit.
  17. No matter how well-built a Honda Fit is, it will not withstand a direct hit by a Ford F250.
  18. I, on the other hand, can withstand much; I'm much tougher than I ever thought I could be, emotionally and physically.
  19. I may have permanantly influenced at least one of my children to lead an active life.
  20. High school freshmen are more impressed by tattoos than they are by finishing an Ironman.


  1. VERY impressive.
    #19 is an accomplishment to be proud of.
    You bypassed a mention of 2007 champion--so I'll mention it here.
    Congratulations on a great year.
    you might not be, but I certainly am--
    But only after the hard work's been done.

  2. Gerat post! You really had a great year!

  3. You gained alot in 2007. Isn't it now exciting to look forward to 2008?

  4. Super recap, some excellent lessons learned. I for one, am looking forward to what you are going to accomplish and learn in the season ahead. (And particularly, the running of the Elvises costume!)

  5. Yes, it is funny about this laziness thing, I always think about myself as lazy too but really I am not! You have had a great year--thanks for the recap.

  6. #12 -> Ain't that the truth. 4E's all the way, baybee! ;)

    #19 -> Be proud. Very, very proud.

  7. Excellent review. You have a lot to be proud of.
    #20- so true!

  8. Quite the season! Even after 25 years, I am still learning lessons....not only about triathlon but about myself and are never too old to learn something new and helpful!
    Thanks for being a great teacher.

  9. Congratulations and thanks for being so inspiring - also thanks for the comments on my page :)

  10. A most excellent year! It's great to see your musings on it all, during and after. You guys are very busy! :)

    #3 hits home with me. You know the 10 min. IM Lou video? Not the hour broadcast, the 10 min. highlights video? I asked my mom and bro's family to watch it Sat. nite. (Same family that lives 3.5 hours from Lou and did not come to watch) In those 10 mins. my mom made a phone call and my bro went to the bathroom.




    Hooray Friends!!!

    Congratulations on your 2007 season!

  11. Hi. Great post, as usual. I've been enjoying your blog and felt it was time to make the big transition from lurker to commenter. Thanks for writing such interesting posts!

  12. Great year and best of luck for 2008.

  13. aww, thanks geekgirl!

    you've had quite the year. there are many, I believe, who wouldn't do all this in a lifetime.

    and you are much tougher than you give yourself credit for.

  14. Lots to be proud of on that list! I would dare say there are many "athletes" whose resume of racing doesn't look that good for a season.

  15. Great blog and inspiring for someone like me who is only starting out on this journey to become an ironman. Keep it up!!

  16. Anonymous8:14 AM

    That's a very impressive year!! I was all proud finishing my one sprint and one olympic distance in 2007.

    Amen to #12!

  17. What a great year! Of course, you ARE NOT LAZY. I love #20.

  18. Some really nice and thought provoking comments. thanks

  19. You did LESS events this year... cuz, girl, that is a @#*!-load of events! Nicely done. Love the list, too.
    (I censored myself to keep it family-friendly). :)

  20. What a fantastic year. Well Done!

  21. You've had a great year-lots of training and racing and you ARE getting better! And who knows-willowy may be in the cards. I did dream it you know..


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