Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rumors of my impending silliness are true.

Well, Sweet Baboo has announced our intention to do the Las Vegas Marathon in about a week, and after much consideration, I've decided that everything I've done this year has been way too serious. Thus, I will also be joining the Running Elvi.

However, since I am a girly girl (ironic, given my insistence on dressing like a boy when I was younger. Now I'm all, like, girly girl. A girly girl who does triathlon. ) I will be going as Priscilla.

Think of the Viva Las Vegas Elvis, but instead of pants, I'll be wearing a red mini skirt, white running tights and a white rhinestone leather belt.

There is this woman named Misty (fanTASTIC name) who makes running Elvi costumes, and she's already provided the dress.

The Elvis glasses and white leather rhinestone belt are on order.

Then, there is the wig.

Yes, yes, yes. The. Wig.

I found and ordered an auburn bouffant wig, but haven't received it yet in the mail yet, so you'll have to rely on Mr. Photoshop to do the imagining for you:

Wait for it.

That's it. No more pictures until the day of the race. (Yeah, I'm a tease)


  1. Sounds like a blast...enjoy doing a race that's not so serious.

    BTW, I had to grin at the running song on your playlist this week. A friend of mine has that set as the ringtone on her phone for when her husband calls...hehe.

  2. Can't wait to see the pics.


    Stay tuned...

  3. awesome! You and Bab's will be a part of history....the stuff of legends!

  4. Can't wait to see the photos!

  5. O.M.G.
    you are a LEGEND.

  6. LOL
    This is just TOO perfect!

    (thanks again for the info btw)

  7. OMG I so LOVE the belt!! How cool is it that you'll have some killer bling for years to come with that rockin belt?!?!

  8. OH dear lord. Make sure you apply the Body Glide judiciously to go with that fab outfit. :)

  9. Ha! Can't wait to hear about the race and you better have some photos!

  10. SO looking forward to the race pix.


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