Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Checking in.

Today's weight: 156.5.

Like to give a shout out to Cindy who called me a WEE LITTLE THING. I don't think anyone's called me that since I was in junior high. At 5'6", I'm not huge, sometimes I feel like it, especially at triathlons, where I'm surrounded by all the little bird people.

Hmmm. Well, I figured out that I stupidly sabotaged myself by entering the wrong nutritional content of Kraft Free Fat-Free Cheddar into my nutrition program. Instead of entering 2 grams of carbohydrate per serving, I entered 280. Duh. This may explain why I couldn't seem to get my carbohydrate level down to 55%-65% where I wanted it to be.

Now that I've corrected it, it turns out that my carb intake has been about 40% of my total caloric intake, which might explain why I've been bonking on my runs. I HOPE that explains it, anyway.

I'm enjoying having cheese back in my diet again. I try to stick to the fat-free stuff because dairy fat is SO bad for you. It's saturated, you know.
My tendon still hurts, especially when I walk, shift my weight, or put on my pants. It stops hurting when I run. So, as long as I run and don't stop, I'm fine. How messed up is that?

My weekly "short" runs are 6-8 miles if I can get them in before it gets dark. 3 weeks until the Las Vegas Marathon.
Oops, the bells is about to ring. My 25-minute lunch period is nearly over. Today, we're learning about relations, functions, domain, and range. I've been enjoying my job, which means that pretty soon they'll give me something stupid to do, like another series of tests I have to give, or something like that.


  1. Gglad you sorted out the calorie thing (just chortling to myself about bonking on a run, seeing as that word is used, er, differently over here LOL)
    Stupid tendon, hope it gets better SOON
    Do you run/walk your marathons?

  2. You're doing great with your weight loss! I would LOVE to be at your weight. You are a "wee little thing" compared to me...and compared to many other people. We just get to see so many "teeny-tiny girls" at the triathlons.

    Love the picture...that's how I feel!

    I can't believe you're doing a marathon in 3 weeks. Glad you figured out the carb thing! Hope your tendon gets better, too.

  3. Hanging with bird people skews reality and body image. I find it a little amusing that I worked so hard to get to a normal size only to feel like a fat girl all over again when I socialize with people with similar fitness goals.
    I was oce in Fleet Feet just after reaching my goal weight and overheard the salegirl talking about how lucky they were to stock so many clothes in EXTRA SMALL! Are there really people who wear XS?? I wouldn't know personally...... I only puked a little bit and then got over it.

  4. For some reason, I am finding the picture immensely disturbing.

    Cheese is glorious. Chubby could live by cheese alone...

  5. Hamstring pull/sress/strain is an injury known to become chronic. Be good to yourself. Think about getting treatment. Ice, deep tissue mx, certain ther ex, etc. It's just a nasty little injury that likes to hang around. I hope it feels better soon.
    p.s T introduced me to 75% fat free and I like it. Guilt free cheese is the best!

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  7. Too funny J-wim. I have to agree. It's all relative. And besides who wants to hang with the birds?! :-)

    I have enough opportunitites to be self-contious as it is.

    I can't believe that the stress of teaching(God bless you) does not keep weight off you as it is!!

    Stay Strong


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