Thursday, November 08, 2007

Miscellaneous Thursday Stuff.

I've started my off-season marathon training. I find myself in the position of having signed up for four marathons in four months. 'Cause that's the way I roll. Some say driven. Some just roll their eyes.

Tonight, I used the "workout mode" on my Garmin for the first time today. It was pretty easy to program, and I programmed in an interval workout as follows:
Five-minute warmup walk - Then this sequence repeated 3 times:

  • Fast Jog 1/4 mile
  • Fast Walk 1/8 mile
  • Fast Jog 1/2 mile
  • Fast walk 1/4 mile

"Fast jog" by the way, is what Msr. GarMEAN calls the pace I've been aspiring to.
Yep, I hauled ass, only to be nagged by Garmin, which sounds a little tinkling, trilling noise when you're going too slow, and flashes SPEED UP! briefly on the screen.

Obviously, I don't know what happens if you're going too fast (are you KIDDING?)

I liked training with GarMEAN, although it was another startling reminder that I really, really need bifocals. I just can't read anything close with my near-sighted glasses on anymore. I did manage about a 9:30 pace on a couple of those intervals, which is great, but I didn't realize it stopped recording my run immediately when the workout was over. Maybe that's a setting I can change, but I ran about a half mile before I realized it was no longer recording.

I also wore my new trail shoes today for the first time. They are what I can only describe as breathtakingly ugly.

As in, every time I look at them, they take my breath away and make me forget how tired I am, as I think, "Holy cow, those are some ugly shoes." But, they're pretty confortable.

Then it got very, very dark, and I couldn't see any more, so I kind of shuffled that last few miles back to my car. Oh, and because I had to listen for the Garmin, I ran without music.

Diet-wise, I've been a good girl this week, except for what I suspect was a moment of PMS weakness when a kid in my classroom showed up selling fundraising candy.

I just wanted to help out, you understand. So I did, a Reeses' and a Snicker's worth. Hey, the kid is trying to earn enough to go to Italy. What else could I do?



  1. So the rule is if you buy it for a good cause AND you wash it down with a Diet Coke without any witnesses, the calories don't count. It really is my mom's rule, but I have been using it for years.

    Those shoes need a very bold person to pull them off. I suspect you are just the gal! Brooks are always comfy though. u

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Oh my god.

    Those are crime-against-humanity ugly. Who thought those polka dots were a good idea? Huh? Huh? Raise your hands where we can see them.

  3. Sheos are amusing and make me smile. If they work the way you want them to, than all's OK. Like the colors.
    How was it running without music?

  4. 4 marathons in 4 months. Honestly, I think this IS really stupid, besides being unhealthy. Your body needs recuperating to live up to its full potential, you are not a pro-athlete. No wonder you feel burned out. And might I predict a stress injury soon.

  5. Hey, I made and consumed a few brownies last night! We NEED chocolate in our lives...especially as a reward for running in butt ugly shoes. Good thing it was dark out for most of it! :-)

  6. Oh, yikes! Those shoes really are breathtakingly ugly. Thank god you had the peanut butter cups to make up for it.

  7. Oh, don't worry about me too much, Cousin. It would more worrisom if I were one of those marathoners who do things fast. You know, like running and stuff. But I don't. I do a walk/run thing, 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. WOrks well for me and really limits the amount of stress I put on my legs.

  8. You can have the Reese's guilt free now - did you hear the good news? It shows up on the list of foods that do NOT contain high fructose corn syrup! :D

  9. My eyes! My Eyes! ;-O

    Niiiiice! (well, not so much) I can say that they must be T-H-E most comfortable shoes ever. (the shoe equivalent of "well, she has a great personality")

  10. those shoes probably scare off animals on the trail. those four marathons will make you a maniac. which i'm sure you want. you can change your garmin to show only 1 or 2 things at a time. this is what i do, since i have a pair of 'old guys eyes'.

  11. Yikes!


    Stay tuned...

  12. GG-
    I had a dream last night that I saw you at a race and you were a size 2!! You had on these hot short shorts and sunglasses..You looked cool-but a little too thin!

  13. I used the workout mode on my Garmin one time and got so annoyed at it telling me to SPEED UP that I just about threw it in the ditch. I thought better of that idea and simply turned it off instead. Now I just use it for reference for how far I've gone, how fast (or slow) I'm going.

  14. swtrigal, that's hilarious. I don't think I've been a 2 since, um, the 6th grade. The smallest I've been since I started high school was a 5, and I was an inch shorter!

  15. I HAVE seen that Malcom in the Middle - it's a great one. And those shoes are HOT!! Far from ugly. Wear them proud!!

  16. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Call me weird, but I love those shoes. I would actually pick them if they had my size!


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