Thursday, November 15, 2007

Math problems from the math teacher.

Today's weight: 154.5 - I go through weight loss spurts. I guess this is one of them. I'm not dehydrated or anything.

Your math problems for today:

  1. Sweet Baboo's weight loss continues; he's now 10 pounds away from where I was when I started in early 2005. How much more weight can he lose before I say, "Woah, there, boy, now you're making me look fat"? Express this as an inequality.
  2. I went running Tuesday on the bosque trail, and picked the part that I forgot had about a half mile of really soft, deep sand, and several miles of stiff, winter-dried folliage scratching my legs up because I wore shorts. How many times did I say "MOTHERF&@#ER!" during my run? Express this as a range of potential values for x.
  3. The temperatures have finally gone down to "wintery" type weather. How many more times will I run outside before I start whining and making excuses because it's too cold? Give your answer in the form of a graph.
  4. A particularly difficult student is moving about 8 states away. How many margaritas shall I and his other teachers have? (Okay, we'll probably just joke about them, but how many will we joke about having?) Express your answer in the form of a compound inequality.

Things that I've discovered this week:

  • I found out that before my spin class on Wednesdays there is another class that combines very light spining with weight lifting. I shall investigate! I like doing something different every once in a while, and since I'm paying for the gym membership, why not get all I can out of it?
  • I've discovered that if I walk past the adults-only hot tub (and see people sitting in a hot tub outside on a crisp, fall day) on the way to the pool, I don't seem to make it to the pool.

  • Not quite ready for the 2-piece yet. When you lose weight at my age, there seems to be some residual, um, skin (ew) that hangs around in case you need it to cover some more bulk. I don't know if it goes away.

  • I found "Lean Gourmet" at my local grocer, which is the skinny, low-cal version of "Budget Gourmet". They are $1 each and perfect for lunch. If I don't have a warm lunch waiting for me, I will go to the school cafeteria and get nachos. Not good. Plus, they give me a nice high dose of carbs about 3-4 hours before I work out.

  • I have discovered that going to the gym after work greatly improves my mood and outlook. I never did it before because I just wanted to go home and veg out, but going to the gym and doing something for myself instead of going home and arguing with my teenager has been awesome. I think it's been good for him, too. He gets and hour or two to not have grownups nagging at him, and he's happy to see me when I get home around 6 or 7 or so.
  • My willpower is getting better. I have had two students selling chocolate (including Reeses cups) in class for over a month, now. I've only bought chocolate from them twice.
  • Im going just reuse my usual Vegan thanksgiving recipes. Most of them are very low cal, low fat, and filling.

Nothing funny or insiteful today. Enjoy the cartoon.


  1. Good discoveries! Now to plan appropriately re: hot tub....

  2. I am not feeling really mathy today....could I write a narrative analysis in deductive voice instead?
    Lean Gourmets are AWESOME - they just don't have as many flavors as WW or Lean Cuisine. My faves are the Chicken Florentine and the Beef Pepper Steak.

  3. i'll have to ask little j to weigh in on the math - it's too early for me this morning.

    i wish i could go to the gym later in the day but neither of my kiddos can drive yet - so i play mom taxi all afternoon. and after that, all i want is a glass of wine. :-)

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM like math! Here are my best attempts at the answers:

    1. (194+10)- X < 154.5
    *unless you're PMSing, then
    X = any positive number

    2. X = # times you said "MF!"
    S = # times slipped in sand
    C = # cuts on legs
    R = # times runner's high felt
    X = (S + C) - R
    *unless you're PMSing, then
    X = 10(S + C)

    3. X = # future outside runs
    P = # more lbs you lose
    I believe that X is inversely
    proportional to the
    value of P increases, the value
    of X will decrease. As you
    lose more weight, you have less
    fat to keep you warm and will
    start whining and making
    excuses about running outside.

    4. You should each have at least
    1 margarita to celebrate, with
    the option of having a drink
    for each of the # of states
    (8) that he moved away, with
    8 being the limit.
    X > 0 and X < or equal to 8

    Please correct my mistakes...and, yes, I know I'm a geek!

  5. Geek Girl your posts are alway entertaining (or inspiring), but Cindy's math equations comments are hilarious!

  6. I can't do any of those maths problems (except the margarita one, more than happy to have a crack at that)
    but I think you can take that nearly-200 pound photo of yourself off the site now!

  7. are those...why yes! Boobies! ya just gotta love boobies.

  8. SKin? Skin? Loose skin? Where? Can you say "camel knees" , "turkey neck" and "elephant thighs"...that's me.
    Goes away with a tummy tuck or something similar I guess...but I don't care. People don't have to look...

  9. Good on ya' for the willpower. Chocolate is a tough one!

  10. What gym do you go to that has an outdoor hot tub?
    If you don't want to post, can you PM me?
    Also, is the pool attractive, clean and conducive to swimming and dreaming about clear blue tropical waters? (I will NOT mention the pool in these parts that has STINKY cement around it....!)

  11. Congrats on you weight loss! Forgive me for being out of blog contact, but
    what's your goal?

  12. Hey, I watched the Ford Ironman Louisville yesterday 2 times...thought of you both are such an inspiration to me!


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