Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Friday.

Sometimes they are people who work for us, and file grievances against us that we don't deserve, or they are the people we work for, scheduling meetings that interfere with necessary work our our personal lives.

Sometimes, they are people who live near us, and don't muffle their cars or pick up their trash or control their kids or their animals. (Need to vent? Try this.)

Sometimes, they are people who work with us, and steal our lunches or spread rumors or interrupte us constantly...or leave passive-aggressive notes around the workplace.

Sometimes, they are students that we teach, who disrupt the classroom and nearly ever lesson we try to teach.

aggravate - - - irritate - - - instigate.

They make us hate our jobs or neighborhoods. They make us cranky and consider moving or quitting. We stomp home in a bad mood. Yell at the spouse. Kick the cat.

And yet,

we need them.

We need them so that, when they FINALLY move , or switch schools, or get another job, we can really appreciate how sweet life is.
Oh, yeah, baby. Sweeeeeeet!

And that's all I'm going to say about that.



  1. Has the aforementioned student moved yet?

  2. IF such a student existed, hypothetically speaking, (FERPA, and all that) I might have signed his or her withdrawal slip yesterday. Which might be why it was such a great Friday. Hypothetically speaking. And, again, hypothetically speaking, if one of the other types of people in our lives alsy existed, and THEY moved, it would be twice as sweet.

  3. Is FERPA like HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (privacy))?

    I am un-acronym-girl.
    I only just figured out DNSW-hee haw.

    So will resort to posting my un-acronmimity and ask.

  4. This post hits home in more ways than one! Thanks!

  5. FERPA=Family Educational Rsomething and Privacy Act.

  6. I sometimes try to live 2 lives. One at work where I am just Mike the glass salesman and then when I leave I morph into bigmike the husband and father and psuedo athlete and leave my work crap for Mike to deal with.
    Every day should be Friday and every other Friday should be payday. Life would be great.

  7. Happy Day!!! woohooo! :)

  8. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!


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