Monday, May 23, 2005

Metaconglomerate. I finally get to be a true geek.

Weight: 164 pounds Still steady
Mood: Peaceful. Music: Cheryl Crow
It's summer. I know this because I closed and packed up my classroom last week. And here's a funny, true, story. I've been teaching Algebra for nearly 6 years. In case you don't know, educational administrators are LOATHE to lose a math teacher. I'm a good one, too, I think. I get few complaints, and the kids seem to like me and say that I explain things well. However, I was trained as a science teacher, and promised a science position when one was available, and science is what I truly love. I've begged every single year since I got hired. Finally, at the end of 2004, I was told, "you're a math teacher, that's how we see you." and I stopped asking.
So here's the setting. It's my annual interview, the boss lady was checking off the usual check boxes, including those that said I'd done a GOOD job. Then, they had a new box to check. It was about being "highly qualified" to teach math. This is one of Geoge W.'s rules. I'm a good math teacher. But because there isn't anything on paper that says I've had oodles of math classes, as far as he is concerned, I'm not "highly qualified" to teach it.
Boss lady's boss, the principal of the school, sighs. "Okay, put her down for earth science next year".
Somewhere, a choir of angles were singling. I'm going through my geeky stuff, my rockhounding books, my rock collection, deciding what goes to the school and what stays. Of course, I reminded him that my ultimate goal was to become a counselor. In the meantime, however, I get to teach, which I love, and I get to teach a subject that I love. How cool is that?
Hay, it doesn't say GEEK GIRL on my license plate for nothing.


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