Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cautiously optimistic at 185 pounds.

Just a quick entry before the Daily Show comes on.
It's been 2 weeks since I started the diet.I'm still 40 pounds overweight, but having lost weight, now that I'm eating like a normal person, is encouraging. I tried on a skirt that looked pathetic on me a couple weeks ago. It fits better! Eating diary: Breakfast - 1 packet of oatmeal (3), double vanilla sugarless soy latte (2),=5 pts.Lunch - A boca burger. I was busy (5 pts)=5pts Supper - 1 cup of rice (4) and 1 serving of Japanese seitan curry (5) 1 servings of brocolli-cauliflower-carrot veggie mix, steamed, less than 1 point. = 9
So now I need to eat a few more points. I'm keeping it around 22-23 a day. I drink lots of Crytal Light, the new calcium-fortified kind that's orange flavored. It tastes like that drink we used to drink when we were kids - remember Tang? I eat tons of veggies, which have practically no calories and fill me up. It's getting harder and harder to make my points, especially since I quit eating the Korean noodle bowls, which were - gasp - as calorie laden as a big mac. Do I feel deprived? A little. I do love my noodle bows. But I've lost 9 pounds.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Trying to lose weight on the Internet

Here's an interesting image I found on the Internet. A lot of my pictures I get by going to and typing in "fat".
This represents the fat that Americans consume, and how they consume it, and how that's changed over time.
I was watching the French revolution on the history channel, which was so interesting I almost forgot to leave an entry. I may not do them daily after today, as I'll be going back to my insane schedule of teaching full time and taking 5 classes--four at Highlands and 1 at UNM. I did want to leave the web address where I got a little program that calculates WeightWatcher points; all you have to do is type in calories, fat, and fiber, which you can get from Calorie King. Today, I ate 22 units. I tried "diet power" program, but I hate it. I love "life form" which is really easy to use, doesn't nag you or make you answer a million questions when you enter your info, and keeps track of your intake. It's at You can download an evaluation copy.

OK. So, why do I want to lose weight? Lots of reasons. I have nicer clothes that don't fit. I hate the way my body feels when I run, especially down stairs (yuck). I hate the way I accidentally bump into things and people, because I've misjudged how much space I take up. I'm turning 40 soon, and I want to be 40, fit, and fabulous; not 40, fat, and flabby. Take your pick.After today, I'm going to write once a week, on Thursdays.

The latte's I drink everyday, they are made with the Silk calcium + iron fortified soymilk that my husband and I get at Cosco, espresso, and sugarless vanilla syrup or a packet of Splenda. Hubby has a quad. Of course, he gets 30 points a day. I only get 24. It's as it should be; he's 8 inches taller than I am. He uses his flex points on popcorn, which he loves. I try not to use mine, although I might bend a little on some great veggie pepperoni stuff that tastes just like summer sausage. I swear.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Today, we went for a drive to Santa Fe and I found out, after we got back, that the bean burritoes without cheese that we ate at Taco Bell were about 5 or 6 point EACH. I could have sworn that I saw that it was 1 point in the list. We were both pretty cranky at that revelation. Today, I ate 21 units.

This image pretty much sums up how I feel much of the time. Except you have to imagine the doorway as most of my clothes and, of course, the green fat alien is me.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Some encouragement!

Mood: Encouraged!
Today I woke up and had half the amount of oatmeal (1 packet instead of 2) and a double latte instead of a quad. The chocolate peanut butter pie is all gone, thank God. Even though it's made with silken tofu instead of cheese, the peanut butter and sugar really packs a punch. I wonder if making it with splenda would help? I felt pretty full most of the day, pretty satisfied.
Food diary:Breakfast: 1/2 cup apple sauce, double latte, 1 package instant oatmeal.Lunch:2 pieces of seared, seasoned firm tofu, brocolli, cauliflour, and baby carrots, crystal light, the new calcium-fortified kind.Total points eaten: 20

Friday, January 14, 2005

I eat like a 300 pound man.

Today I started keeping track of the foods I eat. For my height and weight, my immediate goal (losing 10% of my current weight) should involve eating 24 units per day. Earlier in the day, I'm horrified to learn that I've been eating about twice that. I do love my food. I've been eating to maintain a lineman's frame, but sadly, I am indeed NOT a lineman. :-( Today, I wound up "borrowing" from my weekly "flex" points, eating a total of 35 points for the day. Yikes. I had no idea I was eating so much!
Food diary:Breakfast: 2 packages of instant oatmeal, a quad vanilla soy latteLunch: a korean kim-chee noodle bowl, a can of greenbeans, green tea with splenda. Snack: half cup of apple sauce, piece of chocolate peanut butter pieSupper: rice/lentil mixture with vegetarian sausage and vegetables, crystal light. Piece of chocolate peanut-butter pie.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Time: Evening
Date: January 13th, 2005
Mood: OptimisticI went to that meeting and I feel like the "weight watchers" system is something I could do. We decided to call ourselves, the "big Losers club". I went online and found a little program that calculates weight watchers points, and I'll put a link to it later. I also found CalorieKing, where you can lookup just about any food there is to get the information you need to calculate the points.


Why am I doing this
Well, I woke up this morning, January 14, 2005 and I weigh 194 lbs. When I graduated from high school, I weighed 120. Of course, I grew another inch that year, but even still, my "ideal weight" is around 135, with a 10% allowance either way for frame size. So, ideally, I should weigh between 122 and 148 american pounds. 194 pounds (which is 88 kg) places me in the "clinically obese" category.

I cannot go up a flight of stairs in the school where I teach without reaching the top, out of breath, and muttering "F**K!" under my breath.

My collegues say I don't look like I weigh much, but maybe they're being charitable. I'm 5'6" and pushing a size 18. I think that's the problem with the United States: Rampant denial.I'm also going to occasionally drop some images on this page that I got by going to googles images and typing in "fat".

The amazing thing is that I went from 142 to 194 in just 4 and a half years. 13 pounds a year doesn't sound like much, but after 4 years have gone by--behold, you've gained 52 pounds. This afternoon, I'm going to join a quasi-"weight-watchers" group of other teachers and set some goals.

I want to weigh less.
I want to be able to walk up a hill, or a flight of stairs, without feeling like my heart is leaping out of my chest and I'm going to throw up.
I want to wear normal clothes.
that's not too much to ask, is it?


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