Monday, October 31, 2005

The Great Pumpking Chase

I was last runner in. Very discouraging. I was way ahead of a bunch of people, but they turned out to be 5K-ers, so they dropped out after the first loop and crossed the finish line. When I kept going, I was alone, way behind the other 10K-ers, and very lonely.
It was a nice run, though. Through one of Albuquerque's nicest neighborhoods and then along the Bosque trail. But I wasn't ready for it. My time was abysmal, and now my knee hurts, which has never hurt before. I keep telling myself that at least I finished, but it's discouraging when they start doing awards before you've even finished the race.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Duke City Marathon, and a cool new T-shirt.

Today I did a 5K at the Duke City Marathon. Not ready for that, or the half marathon yet, (I tested myself last week; trust me, I'm not ready) but it's my new goal for next year. I ran pretty well, slightly less appallingly slow. Husband did the half-marathon. That and the marathon course go down by the Bosque, which is where this picture is taken (This picture is also on the Long-sleeved T-shirt. Cool.) The 5K went up 2nd, down Central, and then down Laguna through one of Albuquerque's oldes and prettiest neighborhoods. It was all to benefit the New Mexico Cancer Center.

A big STICK to all the local down town businesses who were happy enough to open and rake in all the extra money on a Sunday morning, when down town is usually dead, but then closed their bathrooms to Marathoners. This includes the down town Hyatt, who not only locked their bathrooms but posted a guard outside to shake her head at us. I'll remember this when making recommendations to out of town guests.

Next up: The Great Pumpkin Chase. I may wear a costume.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I mentioned to my husband that I was an okay swimmer and biker, but I suck as a runner. I am so slow. Usually not many people pass me on the bike; I usually hold my own, but I'm such a slow runner that it really hurts my time. His response was something he said he heard another triathlete say to a similar concern: "That's what winter is for"

SOoo I'm going to approach running the same way I approach everything else. Read, read, read; research, research, research, and then run, run, run. I joined CoolRunning where I got my original "Couch-to-5K" plan and I'm also reading a top 10 tips article. I'm also reading current issues of Runner's World.

It's finally cool here again. I love fall in Albuquerque. And it's great running weather. Rarely below 20 or above 60 between October and April. I figure I might be in good shape to start running, because I've been running 2 or 3 5K's per week and I haven't had any sore anything.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Life under a giant mobile.

This past week, the day before I participated in my 2nd triathlon, Husband and I took a couple friends to see the annual international "Balloon Fiesta" that is held in Albuquerque every year. For those of you that don't know, apparently the conditions of the high desert to the west, river valley, and and mountains to the east converge to make this a perfect area for hot-air ballooning. The result, then, is like living under a child's crib toy most of the time between September and April. In the fall and spring, it's not unusual to get up on the weekend and see 20 or so balloons up in the air, just hanging there or lofting along in the breeze.

On the first official day of the fiesta, we took off in the Roo pre-dawn, and crawled through murderous traffic, something you don't want to do more than once. If we hadn't had guests, we would have parked miles away and ridden our bikes. To actually be on the field, you pay $$, but it's kind of cool to get up close and see how these things are inflated and fly. It's considered quite an honor to get to "crew", which are the group of people who do all the grunt work of unfolding, holding, standing in front of a blasting cold fan and then pulling on ropes, after which they may or may not get to go for a flight. It's hard work, and as I've made no secret, I'm not someone who relishes just effort for effort's sake. Triathlons are different, that's all there is too it.
In any case, there were over 600 balloons, I think that's what someone told me. Lots of them were "special shapes" meaning that they were something other than the teardrop familiar ones we see. To the left, you can see a Wells Fargo balloon, and a couple of inflated bees that - yes, it was too cute! - bent over and appeared to kiss while they were being inflated. A few familiar ones, like Smokey the bear, and a few new ones. It's fairly entertaining, and a couple times during the week that is the Fiesta! they also have fireworks displays, which Husband and I view from up on the mesa on our balcony.

All in all, it makes for a fanciful place to live. Don't you wish you could live in ABQ?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Stealth Triathlon, Almagordo NM

I just got back from the Stealth Triathlon and I am whipped. I don't know
where the web page is for this. I'm still trying to find it. The Stealt is relatively flat, a a reverse 5-30-400, and I burned up everything I had on the 30K bike. The run and bike were both out-and-backs. By the time I hit the pool, I had nuthin'. I mean, nuthin'. I wound up doing the back stroke almost the entire 400 meters.
After that, I was a rag doll.

The weather was pleasant - cloudy and threatening to rain, just the way I like it in New Mexico, since it is rarely humid here, even under those circumstances. Another competitor (Kathy) and I pretty much hung together. kathy is a fabulous gal, and I don't think she'd mind saying that she's a cancer survivor who has been doing this for over 15 years. She threw lots of tips my way, and her enthusiasm was contagious. I practiced standing on the pedals going uphill and "rocking the bike". Plus, she warned me about cars and bumps in the road.
Husband, of course, was finished (2nd place, Clydesdales) and dry long before I showed up for the pool but what's cool about that is that someone is there to cheer and yell encouragement. Plus Peter and Patrick from Tuscon were there - we'd all gone Saturday morning to see the Grand Ascention (sp?) which is where hundreds of hot air baloons take off all at once. Pictures when I get them developed. There were actually some pictures taken of me at this triathlon, too, which I hope to share with you soon.
Results: My goal, as usual, to finish and not be dead last. I made it, and placed 3rd in the Athenas.
I'm going to go flop down and eat some Soy Delicious Decadence.


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