Sunday, May 15, 2016

How Misty got her groove back.

Dear Diary,

This past two months have been difficult.  My asthma flared up during last fall's pollen bloom…and then never went away. I finally went to the doctor and ask for help, and after several false starts, and after having nearly lost my voice, she put me on some new asthma medication. I may also be starting allergy shots soon.

As a result of not being able to breathe, as you might guess, my training fell off by quite a bit, as evidenced by me passing out after the Puerto Rico marathon. I lost a lot of my robustness, my ability to recover quickly, my ability to run every single day.  But finally, back in late March, I was able to slowly get back on the trails again.

As a result of my airway shenanigans, my "marathon double" that was planned for Pennsylvania and Virginia became a "half marathon double".  However, I was able to complete the Cedro Peak 45k, A somewhat rocky trail run in the Manzano mountains.

This weekend, that is to say, next weekend, I'll be attending the "ham is" i mean "hey Ms." 50 K. [gotta love Siri! that's supposed to read "Jemez 50 K"] Here's the profile. 

I've even painted my nails blue in preparation for the high altitude.

I am prepared to fail. But I'm not prepared to quit.

I have discovered that I am lousy with my nutrition. I spent the last month trying to do Weight Watchers. Weight watchers does not work for old runners or ultrarunners. Weight watchers works for people who perhaps do yoga or Pilates to keep fit or maybe jog a couple miles every day, but it doesn't work for people who run until they throw up, or for cross-fitters, i'm guessing.  I was getting dizzy spells while climbing.  I would eat my plan dutifully, and then around 3 pm, go look for a pie to eat.

 I started to suspect this earlier this year when I do the 50 K and, at mile 20, I ate a small bag of jellybeans. It lit a fire under me and kept me going. I also drink cola at every single aid station and just put the worry about calories out of my mind.  The problem is, I frequently lose my appetite when I'm running. But there are three things that will keep me going: First, any kind of hazelnut spread on anything at all. Second, certain flavors of jelly beans. Not the sportbeans. The real ones. Buttered popcorn and coconut are my favorite flavors.  Third, cola, which I rarely drink in any other context.

I also confess to subscribing to the belief that maybe if I don't eat very much I can get my body to burn some fat. And then immediately after a long run I would eat a whole pizza.  Or an eight-piece chicken dinner.  Because a girl's gotta replenish, right??

So i"m going to try something new. At least I think it's new for me.  I'm going to eat like a normal person so that i have the energy to run snd work out, and so I'm not prowling through the hospital at 3pm looking for day-old birthday cake.  



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