Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Trying to lose weight on the Internet

Here's an interesting image I found on the Internet. A lot of my pictures I get by going to images.google.com and typing in "fat".
This represents the fat that Americans consume, and how they consume it, and how that's changed over time.
I was watching the French revolution on the history channel, which was so interesting I almost forgot to leave an entry. I may not do them daily after today, as I'll be going back to my insane schedule of teaching full time and taking 5 classes--four at Highlands and 1 at UNM. I did want to leave the web address where I got a little program that calculates WeightWatcher points; all you have to do is type in calories, fat, and fiber, which you can get from Calorie King. Today, I ate 22 units. I tried "diet power" program, but I hate it. I love "life form" which is really easy to use, doesn't nag you or make you answer a million questions when you enter your info, and keeps track of your intake. It's at http://www.lifeform.com. You can download an evaluation copy.

OK. So, why do I want to lose weight? Lots of reasons. I have nicer clothes that don't fit. I hate the way my body feels when I run, especially down stairs (yuck). I hate the way I accidentally bump into things and people, because I've misjudged how much space I take up. I'm turning 40 soon, and I want to be 40, fit, and fabulous; not 40, fat, and flabby. Take your pick.After today, I'm going to write once a week, on Thursdays.

The latte's I drink everyday, they are made with the Silk calcium + iron fortified soymilk that my husband and I get at Cosco, espresso, and sugarless vanilla syrup or a packet of Splenda. Hubby has a quad. Of course, he gets 30 points a day. I only get 24. It's as it should be; he's 8 inches taller than I am. He uses his flex points on popcorn, which he loves. I try not to use mine, although I might bend a little on some great veggie pepperoni stuff that tastes just like summer sausage. I swear.

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