Friday, May 04, 2007

...and the winner is...

Here it is, the item that may possibly just make my life a wee bit simpler. I purchased it from Epay. I can't wait until it gets here!

The idea behind this is similar to when you page the handset of your cordless phone. Not that I know what that's like. I'm just sayin'. Anyhoo, you attach these tags to things one might lose often, say, keys. Then you use the remote to locate it.

It comes with eight receivers. I'm going to attach one to my cell phone. Yeah, I know. I should be able to call it, right? The problem is that sometimes it shuts itself off if the battery gets low, and then I can't do that. I just have to search. UGH!

Don't get all up in my face about how I'm going to lose the remote. I am NOT going to lose the remote. I shall put it with the other remotes on Sweet Baboo's side of the bed - with the other sacred remotes of which I Am Not Allowed To Touch. Then it will be safe.

Or, I could take advantage of the fact that the base comes with a magnetic mounting bracket that attaches to metal surface, and attach it to something. Like my refrigerator.


  1. Since you specifically forbid us to "get all up in your face" about losing the remote, I won't.

    Of course, this remote isn't in the category of TV remote, unless you have toddlers, than all remotes are fair game.

    We need a remote to find our remotes, because the kids like to carry them around "turning things on and off."

  2. one of the things I like about you is you're so solution focussed! I had no idea soemthing like that existed - but really, it had to exist, didn't it? Or SB would have had to make you one :)

  3. the color coding looks like a bit of a nightmare. How are you going to remember which thing you color coded to what?


    Not helping, am I?

    You need a labelmaker.

  4. What happens if you lose the refridgerator?

    Oh, never mind, that's probably a Good Thing.

    Let us know how your Senior Citizen Device works out. AKA SCD.

  5. If you need someone to try it out--I'm up for it!

  6. I for one cannot wait for your review! I am totally stoked. I lost me keys yesterday. My cell phone today and every morning I have to track down my coffee

  7. One step ahead of you, Pirate. We do have a label-maker, and electronic one. And it wasn't even regifted.

  8. Will you be able to attach one of the transmitters to your special socks?

  9. More to the point Al, can these things be attached to your mind? I've lost my mind before and would have appreciated a beeper.

  10. Waiting for the review with baited breath ...


  11. If you can't remember which one is which then just press them all in turn - you never know what will turn up :)

  12. Oh no, not the refrigerator!!!
    Now let's see how long it takes you to loose that thing. :D


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