Friday, May 25, 2007

New Gig

I've been informed that I'm back to my old gig of teaching high school algebra. Mostly because I asked to. Mostly because 8th-graders in large groups make me want to saw at my wrists. And because I'm tired of all the props associated with science.

I taught algebra for 5 years before trying to teach science for 2 years, and I'm pretty good at it. I've learned a lot, 8th-grade science students, but farewell.

And here's another thing: I won't have my own classroom next year. I'll be what is called a "floater". The other teachers wrinkled their noses when I said it, but I've also done this before, and I prefer to refer to myself as a "free spirit". I'll have one classroom for two blocks, and then a different classroom for another block, and share an office. I won't have to put up the content standards, or decorate the room, or whatever.

I show up, tell a few jokes, teach kids how to factor and isolate the variable, then leave.


They don't call me the Geekgirl for nothin'.

A couple cartoons to puntcuate the mood:


  1. those cartoons are funny - especially the third one (small attempt at situational humor there, get it?) I know, I know, any time you need some help with the jokes, just ask...

  2. I think I'd take 8th graders over stupid city managers and utility directors, NMED paper pushers, whiny secretaries, stoned surveyors, old men stuck in the dark ages,cheap ass company that pays peanutes,...Ah! At least you get a summer break as long as you stay away from famly friendly facilities.!

  3. I applaud you for teaching middle school kids! Hopefully not too many will be like I was!

  4. Way to be positive about the "floater" position next year! I don't think I've heard a teacher in that position point out the positives like that before. Nice job! BTW, I only have two days left with my 8th graders. Yahoo! I absolutely love them, but I can't wait for them to leave!

  5. I think you're awesome for being a teacher. I have 2 HS kids, you are a saint.


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