Thursday, May 31, 2007

For Saturday, a new plan and a new bike.

My hydration/nutrition plan (you should always have a plan)

GOAL: Finish the Deuceman 70.3 triathlon in 7:30:00

Challenges: altitude of 6200 feet, cool and dry/arid climate.
Breakfast (about 3:30 or so) oatmeal, fruit cup, half sandwich (w/protein), soy latte
  • Pre-race (two hours) water

  • Pre-race (one hour) full serving of HEED, sipped

  • Pre-swim (15 minutes) one GU w/caffein

T1: one GU, 2 enduralytes

56-mile bike: loaded in my bento box: Cliff BLOCKS (2 packages), enduralytes, inhaler

  • 1st half: 2 bottles of HEED, 2 GU's, 1 package of BLOKS
  • 2nd half: 2 bottles of water, 2 GU's, 4 enduralytes, 1 package of BLOKS
13.1 mile run: loaded in my "race-ready" shorts, 6 paks of GU, enduralytes (just in case), inhaler

  • Each mile, 2-3 swallows of water.
  • Every other mile, 1 GU
POST RACE: Recoverite (2 servings), sunflower seeds, lots of water, advil.

That should just about cover it.

My new bike arrived today! I took beauty pictures, but can't find the cord to upload the stupid things. For people like me, they should make the cord permanantly attacked to the camera. So you'll have to see a stock photo. It's a Kestrel airfoil pro with an Ultegra setup.

You have to imagine it with HED3's and a flatwing setup on it:


My as-of-yet unnamed racing bike.

debuting at the 2007 Deuceman on Saturday.

Rock on.


  1. Woo hoo!!!! You and Sweet Baboo will both have Secret Weapons!!

    Lookin' forward to seeing The Real Thing.

    (And best of luck implementing your well thought out plan. You go GeekGirl.)

  2. Sounds like you'll have a well planned race. Good luck and enjoy your new bike. I'm sure that 56 miles will give you enough time to come up with a name.

  3. Good plan.

    Mmmmmmmmmm. sex-AY!!!!

  4. You're going to fly on that thing. Good luck.

  5. Sweet ride!

    It's a good plan - hope execution goes well!

  6. Awesome looking bike! Surely she (he?) will carry you to the finish in under 7:30! Best of luck to you. :)

    Can I make a request? Will you let us know how your nutrition plan worked after the race? I'm sure some of us (okay, me) are struggling with figuring out their own nutrition and would surely appreciate tips...

  7. Great pre-race plan! Seeing the improvements of your other races and the knowledge you've gained in your body's race nutrition needs I feel confident that you'll whipp that race! Good luck. You're going to name your bike before your race right?

  8. who needs red bull when you have your very own Kestral to give you wings?!? Beautiful. Best of everything on your race this weekend, I know you'll kick butt!
    BTW - still trying on templates I see... ;)

  9. I heart your bike. I know it is a sin to covet they neighbors wife but it is a sin to covet your bike? You will dominate like usual

  10. Nice pony. I was looking at getting the Kestrel as well, but then made a last-minute switch to the Orbea road bike.

    OK. I'm starting to drool on your bike photo. Time for me to exit the building.

    Looking forward to your race report.


  11. He shall be called Pegasus, the winged stallion.

    Okay, so I named your bike without permission, but he looks like a Pegasus to me.

  12. Your new ride is beautiful and new stuff ALWAYS makes you faster.
    Seriously the coolest looking bike ever, congratulations!

  13. That ride is awesome!!! Good luck to you on your goals. Can't wait for the report


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