Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tangental rewards

You're always reading about all the benefits of exercise and fitness...but there are those moments that defy any attempts to predict them.

So this morning I was doing my weekly "duty". For those of you not in the know, many teachers have to do "duty" which usually involves being posted at some spot at scheduled intervals, before and/or after school, keeping and eye on kids arriving/leaving/lunching, etc.

So as I said this morning I was strolling down the hallway and I heard one of the exterior doors open, and turned just in time to see a pair of legs about to disappear up the stairs. Kids are not allowed in the hallways before the bell; we have too much trouble with vandalism, fights, and what have you...so I said to the legs, STOP!

and they stopped.

I need you to come back down here.

the legs jiggled. Flexed.

Kid, do NOT make me chase you. I will chase you down and I will catch you.

and then the kid bolted.

oh, no you din't!

As it turns out, it just so happened that on THIS particular morning, I was in a mood to get jiggy. On THIS particular morning I was wearing very comfortable shoes, and a skort, and I'd spent the last few weeks with the Jimmy assigning me speed work and all manner of cruel and inhumane exercises, whose names I've forgotten...
In any case, I, the GeekGirl, 42 years old, took off after this 13-year-old with the intent to chase him down.

I took the stairs three at a time and tore down the main hallway of the building after this kid, running at full speed while students and a startled assistant principal jumped out of the way...I finally caught up with him in a stairwell, where he stopped abuptly, turned, and said, "okay, let's go."

I am NOT making this up.

He walked with me to the office where, still breathing heavily, I explained what happened to the principal's secretary. Both she and another teacher in the office laughed like hell at the kid and said, "oh, you don't run from Mrs. GeekGirl. She'll catch you."

and I will.




  1. Good job! What a fine validation of all those training hours!

  2. That was funny! Good job on letting them know that you are not one to trifle with.

  3. oh. Yeah.

    I love it when you catch the kid. I love it every time.


    You give teachers a good name!

  4. What a hoot! You GO!

  5. Ha ha! GeekGirl 1, Punks 0.

  6. I just want to know why the kid ran. Do that with a teacher, you might get a detention. Do that with a cop and you might get shot.

    There was some news article a few days (perhaps weeks) back about a 70 something female convenience store worker who chased down a 20 something male shoplifter. Unbeknownst to him, she is a marathoner. She just kept up with him until he couldn't keep going.

    Why do young people always think they're going to outrun the "old" person?

  7. Yeah baby!


  8. I saw that story about the 70-year-old! If kids don't start overcoming this epidemic, they'll never get away with anything again. All us old-timers will be running them down.

  9. hysterical! love it love it love it!

  10. LOL! Guess he learned his lesson. Well done. That counts as some serious speedwork.

  11. Very funny!
    My parents were both HS teachers, your teaching stories always remind me of them in their day.


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