Thursday, July 12, 2007


I've decided to put some filters in my email. Some people need to be shot, by the way. If I ever meet a professional spammer I'm going to key his/her car. Or think about it really hard.

Come to think of it, if I ever meet a professional spammer I'll probably just give them a realllllly diry look.

SO, henceforth, if you send me any emails, they won't get through if the subject line contains the following words/phrases:

Dearly Beloved

Her Pleasure Will Be Endless


Unclaimed Funds

Bank Account Authorization Information

Endless Happiness

Endless Joy

Online Degree


Urgent Greetings

Honorable One

high-quality prescriptions

She'll be Screaming


Call My Secretary Immediately


All Night Long

If you send me any of these emails, I won't get them. I'm just lettin' you know.



  1. That's the end of our correspondence then. Oh well ;)

  2. Urgent greetings for an honorable one offering you endless joy and endless happiness resulting in a online degree through a high-quality prescription of Viagra and Cialis that will result in an all night long blowout if you will only call my secretary immediately because she'll be screaming and her pleasure will be endless when you receive your unclaimed funds via your bank account authorization.

    That's all I'm saying . . .

  3. No matter how you set up your filters, somehow some of that junk always gets through. Why dont some of them say...triathlon gear sale...carbon entry fees..nutrition/hydration running shoes...
    If the spammers only knew what really sold...they'd be rich.
    BTW. Do people still eat Spam if their parents don't force them to?

  4. How I may use these phrases in tri-related phrases:

    Honorable one - to those who complete Ironmen

    She'll be screaming - with joy after completing an ironman; or with pain after completing an ironman.

    All Night Long - how much to party after completing an ironman.

    Uhm, I actually have a Spam costume.

  5. the interweb is full of smart-arses, apparently.

  6. No wonder you haven't been getting my emails lately!

  7. Urgent Greetings for the Dearly Beloved and Honorable One, unclaimed funds from you Online Degree require you to call my secreatary immediatelu due to a all night long blow out on Cialis and Viagra causeing endless joy from the lottery and thus requore bank account authorization information lest she'll be screaming

  8. There is absolutely no way to top the above comment.


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