Sunday, July 29, 2007

My first century, and I only cried a little.

Well, it wasn't pretty, but it's done.

You wouldn't, you couldn't, possibly believe, or comprehend, how much my ass hurts.

Today's ride was from north Albuquerque, heading northeast to San Felipe Pueblo, then back to Bernalillo, and then northwest to the tiny town of San Ysidro.

100.1 miles, my longest ride evar.

Today's epiphany: I've decided that Sweet Baboo is no longer "The Evil One Who Rides Much Faster And Makes Me Feel Bad Because He Is So Effortlessly Fast" ("Evil One," for short).

Instead, he is now Geek Girl's Support Crew.

And that's your reframing of the week.

Most interesting sighting: loose cows on the road, including what appeared to be a bull...and me in my bright red shorts. Yep, nothing like pedaling by a horned bull with a big, bright red ass.

Luckily, he seemed much more interested in chewing on grass.

After the ride, I went and did a 2000 meter swim with Pirate.

I sure as hell couldn't run. I tried to "jog" at the grocery store to get something I'd forgotten...but my legs refused to bend UP.

So instead, I kind of shuffle-skated. I'm looking forward to that...26.2 miles of shuffle-skating at Ironman Louisville.

It's gonna be great.



  1. As the most nervous novice bike rider and would-be triathlete in the world, I find your bike posts quite inspiring!

  2. Way to go girl! My ass hurts thinking about how far you rode! Then 200 meters, good job!

  3. Congratulations on your century.

    P.S. I really like your chart of your ride.

  4. Well done! I've only just started to play with the idea of doing tris and don't even have a road bike yet (it's spinning classes for now). I'm still way to heavy (lost 66pds last year but need to add at least another 40)but this inspires me.

    BTW: I think I've read somewhere that cows are colorblind.

    Greetings from a fellow teacher in Germany,


  5. Face it girl, you rock! Great job on the ride -- and as always superlative charting.

    And I'm sure having GGSC along for the ride helps in so many ways. Despite the previous Evil incarnation.

  6. Good job! I was thinking about you yesterday afternoon when the thunderstorm rolled in...

  7. Woohooo, IMKY here you come!

  8. Congratulations on completing your longest ride. Hope your butt feels better soon, and I love your comment maps.

  9. Way to go GG-remember there are ALOT of folks "shuffling the marathon" at IM. You get to meet alot of people that way!! You are going to rock!You will be surprised how the adrenaline/excitement at the race keeps you going and hides aches and pains you would feel in training..

  10. Nice job on the century. I still have to keep in mind you guys are at 5000 feet of elevation too. Makes it even more impressive. IMKY here you come. When does the taper start?

  11. AWESOME!!!! way to go on the century ride....tell SB to massage your sore cheeks for you...LOL

  12. I love that area, grew up in Santa Fe and have been fishing with Grandpa at Cochiti lake when I was kid.

    Nice to see the areas while you train, super job on the bike ride!


  13. 100 mile ride and then a 2000 meter swim... you are getting in some killer workouts that will make you strong on race day! Go get 'em!
    Love the come on long rides there is always something dead that smells bad?

  14. Well done - it's all coming together!

  15. Amazing ride!! Your workouts are huge. I am so impressed. Keep up the graphs with your thoughts-I love it!!!

  16. We are sisters in monkey-buttedness after this weekend! I didn't do a century (just 70 miles), but my ass is still way sore. Good job on the swim after and even attempting to run...or shuffle...or whatever! :-)

  17. Nice chart- always entertaining.
    Great job with the century - quite an accomplishment!

  18. Uh, yes, I CAN imagine and me and my lacerations thank you so much for getting us into this crazy race. ;-)

    CONGRATS on the new distance!

    Happy Healing!

  19. Did you use butt butter? It helps to some degree, although the pain is really due to all the pressure of hours of cycling. Way to go! I feel your pain. They need to make a waterbed type of cycling seat.


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