Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hallelujia and pass the WD40

This morning I ran 12 miles. I did it at an average 13 minute pace, good for me, and I felt good, too, sipping my Nuun and my grape-flavored gel.

Oooo, admit it, you wish you had some grape-flavored gel, don't you? I made it by accident by trying to mix maltodextrine and water to create a liquid with the same calories as a gel but wouldn't you know it, when you mix that much maltodextrine powder into water - you get gel. So I mixed in a little powdered grape-flavored electrolyte drink mix, and voila: a lightly grape-flavored gel. It was mighty tasty, too.

I wore my hydration pack with about 60 ounces of prepared Nuun in it, and two flasks of tasty grape-flavored gel, and it was a beautiful morning. I had a good run.
Except for the squeaking.

See, during my 16 mile run on Monday I was wearing my hydration vest I noticed a squeaking sound on my shoulder. The tube for the mouthpiece crosses over and hooks under an elastic strap on my left shoulder until I need a drink from it. I could actually feel the squeaking more than hear it; I can "hear" sounds in my bad ear that are conducted through my bones, and since this tube was resting on my collar and sholder bones, my assumption was that this was the squeaking.

It was annnoying, but livable.

Then on Thursday, I did about an 8 mile run, and there was that squeaking again. Squeak - squeak - squeak - squeak. But here's the catch: I wasn't wearing my hydration vest this time.

Nope, guess what: it's me. I'm squeaking.

Did you READ THAT?
I have something in my BODY that squeaks like an old metal door in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.
And only I can hear it.

Today during my 12-mile run it was almost constant, a low squeak - squeak - squeak as my left arm swung back and forth. There's no pain or anything, but it's not like I need any weirdness to perseverate on when I'm trying to run.

I googled, "squeaking joints" to see if this was anything to worry about or if there was anything I could do about it, and here's what I got:

  • "Forcefully blow powder into squeaky joints..."

  • "Take several very thin wood shims and tap them into any loose or squeaky joints..."

  • "Oil up the squeaky joints..."

I've already ruled out the first two, since they don't seem like a pleasant solution.

The only thing I can't figure out is where to stick the little straw so I can oil this thing up.



  1. I have a squeak - and a click. I just shove my fingers in my ears and yell "LA LA LA... I CAN HEEAARR YOU"

    It seems to work.

  2. I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

  3. Sorry I can't help you with the squeak, but the grape flavored gel sounds good. :)

  4. Try two squirts of tequilla in a glass of sweet lemon and lime juice, add orange liquor, shake... salt the rim of a glass. Repeat until there's no more squeek. That usually works for me.

    Sure. Does.

    Stay tuned...

  5. I think the tequila is worth a shot. It may not work but you won't care.

  6. "The only thing I can't figure out is where to stick the little straw so I can oil this thing up."

    Oh dear.


  7. I have creaks and cracks that happen all the time. Others seem to notice it more than I do. Shrug.

    I'm thinking I should have tried to run with you this morning. It probably would have gone better than my solo run. Surely you would have smacked me on the head before letting me head out without hydration...

  8. LOL when you figure our how that little straw works, please let ME know. I too have a few squeaks.
    I like Triboomers way of settling squeaks.

  9. Triboomer can't hold his alcohol..don't wanna know how I know this..anywho...I love your idea of making grape cool!!!

  10. Well since this is my first comment on your blog, I'm hesitant to say that bad three letter word..."old", but I creak at times too, and I'm older than you. We do need some sort of ports for the WD-40 I'm works on everything else it comes in contact with.

    Thanks for the tip about the ankles on my blog and thanks for stopping by.....have a great week.

    Come back often...your humor is great...btw the Vegan shorts rock...I have a friend here in the OKC area that is a vegan and I need to direct her to your blog so she can see them.

  11. Funny
    you really opened yourself up with the where shall I put the straw question....... so many choices..
    As long as it doesn't hurt, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    Are you sure you don't just wanto shim it up and be done?
    BTW - what is the purpose of maltodextrin on a run? Just curious.

  12. That's some funny stuff right there! Sometimes I totally WISH I had some kind of WD40-like substance I could use to cure my athletic ills. When in doubt, try the tequila remedy. Although, I'm partial to rum myself. :-)

  13. Alright, for the sake of those with I don't know WHAT on their minds...can we assume that when I say "where to stick the straw" that it has something to do with my SHOULDER?

  14. My left shoulder occasionally squeaks; it's a result of a labrum tear that I had surgically repaired a couple years ago. My doc says that this is harmless and it'll eventually go away, but it's certainly unnerving. =/


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