Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey, Bradley where's my shirt?

I think I've been snookered, and I don't know what to do about it.

Last spring I ordered a pair of shorts and a singlet from this website, Organic Athlete. I got the shorts right away, and I heart them. they are black and a pretty green and, as you can see in the picture of someone else's butt above, they say, "Go Vegan!" on the butt.
My hope is that in those rare times that I actually pass people perhaps they'll look at my butt (yes, my butt IS wide enough to prostelitize on, thank you very much) and say to themselves, I daresay, if that very fast lady is a Vegan, why then, *I* want to be a Vegan.

Yeah. Like any of that would happen. Passing someone, especially.

Anway, I love the tri shorts.

So I wrote the guy Bradley at the end of April, and and said, hey, what about my singlet?
And he said, They're on back order. They should come in soon.
then around the first of May, he said, we still have to place the order. it may be a month.
Okay, fair enough. Sweet Baboo is captain of our triathlon club, so I know how it works. Sometimes you have to have a minimm amount before you can do a full order.

Tick...tick...tick...tick (Okay, here is where you have to imagine an animation of a daily calendar flipping rapidly through its pages now)

June comes. No singlet. I wrote him in the middle of June and said, It doesn't seem like the jersey is going to happen any time soon, does it? I think I'd like to get my money back so I can get a different top.

No response.

Two weeks later, I emailed him again. ...please respond to let me know that you have received this request. I have been waiting three months for this top, and I think that I have been very patient.

No response.

Today, I called him, and left a message. Maybe my emails are winding up in his spam folder, or something. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to do. In ten years of buying things over the Internet, I've never had this problem before.

Any ideas?
Followup on 7/17 - Bradley called to let me know he's sending me a refund. Turns out the company he was dealing with was requesting an order of 50 or more. He also said he never got my emails, which, given the current SPAM climate of today's email filters, is very likely.


  1. Where is he located? You guys have enough virtual buddies...One of us Clydes can go pay a visit and see whats up. Or maybe Duane? Or the Bigun? We can ask him if a knuckle sandwich counts as vegan.
    Just kidding. Best bet is to do a few google searches and other searches and try to find a name and phone number or an address and then try to contact him and if that doesn't work, I am not sure. My brothers auto glass business where I work has gotten scammed and believe me, no one wants to do anything unless the amount is over a few grand.

  2. What Bigmike said...or start an online smear campaign!

  3. You can always complain to the better business bureau or to the
    Federal trade commission . As a fraud manager here in Montreal, I deal with them all the time. But I don't know how efficient they are for the actual customer. I know that there investigation are very thorough. Good luck.

  4. bigmike just gave you the equivalent of "youse want us to go and see dis guy?"

    I daresay, Go, vegan!

  5. There's a mailbox address at the bottom of their home webpage - perhaps try (registered) snail mail.

  6. Physical address listing at:


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