Monday, July 16, 2007

Things I just happen to know today.

ICHI. Little by little, I'm getting less nervous about the bike. You know how some people are terrifed of open water swimming? I'm like that about the bike. So much so I've avoided it and suffered as a result with apalling bike splits. But, I've been doing longer and longer rides, and I'm getting more confident. Today I did a 60-mile ride all by myself. I'm a big girl now!

NI. If you ride your bike out of town you can impress the hell out of people at travel centers when you stop to get water. People will even say things like, "you drove from Albuquerque? How far away is that?" (Despite the signs posted on the highway on either side of the exit they took) Then you say, casually, "I've come about 30 miles." and watch their astonishment. It's GREAT for your ego.

SAN. Sometimes, things on your bike other than tubes, break. They just do. Did you know that? Like my wheel. It's all broke. One of the spokes has pulled through and the hole it went through in the wheel is broken. Halfway into my ride today my wheel was going crooked. I know nothing about bike mechanics, so I fiddled uselessly with things that looked familiar, but by the time I got back to my car, the bike was super hard to pedal. My bike computer said 108 degrees and I was tired, but I'd only gone 60 or so of my planned 80 miles, which is when I formulated my new "GeekGirl's Law of Difficult Distances" which you may quote, if you wish.

GeekGirl's Law of Difficult Distances:

If you do mileage on the run or the bike but there are unusual circumstances,
such as unusual weather, deep sand, leaving your brakes on, or mechanical difficulties,
you are fully justified in feeling as though you went further.

After all, it felt like you went firther, right?

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is the specific multiplier for how much further depending on each circumstance.

Lastly, sent me a couple boxes of their ready-to-drink bottles and asked me to try it and talk about it. So far, I've only tested it for the bike. I'll write about that more tomorrow, but in summary, I believe there may be some hype regarding Trehalose, but it's harmless hype. So far, after using it in the upper nineties (F) in the desert I find I was well-hydrated and didn't bonk. Also, I really, really like the taste.



  1. You are too funny! I love Accelerade. I like Cytomax too. Both taste good and work well. We were on a ride tonight and someone broke a spoke and then he was rubbing too. We had to call in the sag wagon to get him.

  2. 60 miles? All the way from Albequerque? With a broken bike? That's REALLY FAR! Can't help you with precise multipliers though - I think they might be situation-specific

  3. I like that rule quite a lot. Let us know when you figure out the multipliers. I think it might prove to be veeeeeeery useful. Muahahahhahah!

  4. Do you always count in Japanese?

  5. 1. Great job upping those distances -- especially going out by yourself!

    2. GGLDD: Yes -- veto-proof and ratified.

    3. I have had the BEST experiences with Accelerade. Which reminds me...I'm almost out.

  6. I'm pretty sure I'd be making some phone calls asking for a ride home if I encountered broken wheel bits.

    BTW, doesn't it seem like an oxymoron to say "...I'd only gone 60 or so miles.."

    Only 60 or so!??!

  7. I was actually disappointed that you didn't rig something together, like a mesquite branch, grape-flavored gel, and some kind of road side debris to keep going. But I do like the law of difficult distances...

  8. I've got my 2 boxes here too - I'm going to use it as a recovery drink, and see how it helps in that regard - it just does not quench my thirst DURING an event.

    GG's Law is a great one.

  9. Warm Accel.... please let me know what you think of this.

  10. Shi, Go, Roku! Warm Accelerade has been the demise of some of my teammates. We all switched to Mountain Frost, which isn't so frosty after 30 miles in 100 degree summer heat. My roommate is a rep and says I'm just not drinking if fast enough if it's getting nasty, but if I'm out for 100 miles I'm going to carry 4 bottles. If you find out tricks for drinking it in the heat I'd love to read about it.

  11. You get all the cool stuff..... (pouting)

    I love the law. perhaps you should work on the GG scale of perceived distance (PD), ya know, it worked for the guy that thought up the perceived effort (PE) scale.... and everybody uses that one.
    You could be famous....yeah.


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