Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday long swim.

Across Cochiti lake and back with SW Tri Gal.

About 2.2 miles, in 1:33:02.

It's not great, but it'll beat the swim cutoff at IMKY.

My shoulders are aching.

But there's a pina colada in the mini-fridge with my name on it.

Tomorrow's workout: Run 15 miles, then drive 250 miles to pick up Mini-baboo at camp.

Sunday, I'm doing my first century ride with Sweet Baboo.



  1. Looks refreshing...... almost as refresshing as that pina colada sounds.... yummy.

  2. I have swim envy now too. Thanks.

  3. You are putting in some great workouts...who says you are going to suck at IMKY? NOT ME!

  4. I'm with Fe-Lady!

    You and Baboo have a wonderful ride tomorrow. (Will there be charts?)


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