Monday, September 05, 2005

Officially a runner

The book that my husband was reading last week said that the difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry form. If that's the case, I'm officially a runner. Since I was present for the Ransom Canyon Triathlon that my husband ran yesterday I registered for the 5k "fun run" that took place during. Since there were only 10 people registered, I managed to get 2nd place female. I outran a 70-year-old retired grandma to do it, too. Woohooo! Then I had my ass kicked by an 11-year-old. I had a good time, though.

But, boy, I need to run in the sun because I've been running in the dark, cool New Mexico morning. Whatever advantage I had from running a mile above sea level was negated by the increased heat, sunshine, and humidity that I encountered in Ranson Canyon Texas. But I got a T-shirt! Cool.
The Ransom Canyon Tri starts with a 500 meter lake swim and then a bike ride that goes straight up out of the canyon. It's a real killer. Then you race across and down through another canyon (yellow horse, I think) and back again.
One more week to go until the Cotton Country Tri. I find that a seam in my tri suit was sewn incorrectly and it's coming apart. A paniced call to the store and they're sending a replacement. Hopefully it will get here before Friday, we we leave for Levelend. I still think I'll set a Triathlon record for slowness. But I know I'll finish.
On a positive note, I'm down to about 159 lbs (about 72 kilos). My lowest since I started. Size 12 and headed for a size 10. Still a large, though. If I lose 10 more pounds, I'll no longer be an Athena. Husband has ordered to get copious pictures of me this Saturday, getting body markings and all. That may be all there is for pictures, since Husband and Son are both running in this with me.


  1. I hope you're tapering properly! Good luck at your race.

    If it makes any difference, many of the races I've been in this summer have a designated last place finisher (a race volunteer) so that no one finishes last. I know I was worried about that in my first race.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss. You are very disciplined. Perseverance is the key for EVERYTHING in life.

    How long did it take you to lose those 30+ ?


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