Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sexy socks and highly technical underpants.

This morning, I went for a slow, 5 mile jog. It still amazes me to see things like that in print.


went for a
5 mile
slow jog.

My legs launched an immediate protest. "You made us run yesterday," they said. "and pedal a bike, too."
"Shut up, bitches," I said, "or I'll make you run faster. Now that I know you can, I'll be expecting it more often."
They ceased their outward protest, but engaged in passive-agressive behavior by slowly tightening my quads and hamstrings until I could barely move. I slogged my way through it, anyway, and what I hope will be my pace on Saturday.

I tested out my sexy new socks today. After taking a picture of them last night, I plopped down on the bed, stuck my feet up so that I could admire my very cool, very sexy toe socks, and said to Sweet Baboo: "Admit it - you're ALWAYS wanted to do it with a woman wearing black toe socks."

And, being both wonderful AND wise, he admitted that of course, he had.

Sexy foot bling passed the most important test of all when I ran this morning: I didn't notice them, and forgot they were on. I also tested out some new underwear that I got at REI, super wicking black Ex-Officio highly technical underpants.

Now, there's a phrase I never thought I'd say:


Anyhoo, since I plan to pull off my wetsuit this weekend, and slip on a pair of bike shorts, I wanted something that was light, thin, fast-drying, and resembled swimsuit bottoms. I accidentally bought Mediums, but I am HAPPY to report that at least for this clothing company, my ass is Medium-sized, instead of large or XL, as Louis Garneau and SportSkirts insist that it is. (Note to the aformentioned LG and SP: if ever you insist that my ass is Extra Large, I will NOT, repeat WILL NOT, wear your clothes) I am happy to report that the Highly Technical Underwear passed its own test, both by being breathable and barely noticeable.

Then, Sweet Baboo and I went over a local world food store and picked up lots of gnochi, which in my opinion, is the best carb-loading food in the world. It's little pasta pillows, about an inch long, stuffed with mashed potatoes. Think miniature perogies. It's in little packages that don't have to be refrigerated, either. Think electric hot pot. We also bought lots of yakisoba, which I steam instead of frying.

This, of course, the week before the REDMAN, is carb and electrolyte loading week in the Double-barreled and Sweet Baboo household. Otherwise known as my old crappy old eating habits. I was down to 155 as of this morning, and now it's painful to be deliberately eating extra portions of heavy carbs, but everyone promises that as long as I lay off the fat, it will all be water weight and I'll be rid of it later. If not, they will die for their treachery.

[A side note: If I DON't end up at 160 by Friday, I'll have to change my registration to age-grouper, because the REDMAN cutoff for Athenas is 160.]

So, this week, lots of pasta, potatoes, and V8-juice. V8 juice has horrifying amounts of sodium, but as we want to make sure we don't have de crumps this Satuday, we are loading up on Na+ and K+.

6 days until the REDMAN. This time next week, Brian and I should be headed back to Albuquerque, fingering our finisher's medals with an almost obscene glee.



  1. I am in love with those socks! I now can't wait to buy a pair because my toes have always been a problem for blisters on long runs. Currently anything over 3 miles is a long run for me.

    That's admirable that you would change to an age grouper, I don't think anyone would begrudge you a couple pounds. Good luck at Redman, can't wait to hear the report.

  2. Great post. A little of everthing for everyone. I thought we were the only ones that drink V-8 for sodium. While the rest of the world avoids it like the plaque because of the sodium, my calf cramping ass can't get enough of it. No wonder people think triathletes are wierd.

  3. i fractured 3 toes a couple of years ago and i thought it was because of the socks i had just started using. they squeezed my toes together like sardines in a can. these socks look awesome ! i'll have to get some when i start running again (trying to be positive). anyway, good luck !! can't wait to hear about REDMAN !

  4. This cracked me UP!! "Highly technical underpants." OMG, I don't know why but that killed me. Reminds me of my own "architecturally sounds bras."
    I always wondered about people who wear toe socks... they really don't feel all bunchy and wierd?! And I'm so jealous you can say things like "5 mile jog" - that's ten different kinds of cool.

    Oh, and nope, I'm not the one volunteering at Redman. Sorry!


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